Students get PWU assistance

The Public Workers Union (PWU) has granted scholarship awards to 51 students whose parents are members of the largest public sector union in Grenada.

The scholarships, valued $21.000.00 and intended to help the students to continue their education, were presented to the parents and students during a ceremony held at the PWU Headquarters last week Wednesday.

During the presentation ceremony, President of PWU, Adrian Francis reminded parents of their roles and responsibilities towards their children.

“Take your rightful role in your children’s education. Check your children daily, take interest in your child’s education, you have to play a greater role”, he told the parents.

Francis warned the parents that with many distractions readily available throughout the society, they have the added responsibility to keep their children on a firm path.

“Parents wake up and smell the coffee. Young ladies have pride in yourselves”, he said while urging parents to take interest in their children’s dress code and to monitor their children’s performance.

“Let us see a change,” he said.

The PWU President reminded the students that the money invested in them come from contributions made by their parents and other public officers and they expect to see benefits at the end of the day.

Stating that education is liberation, Francis told the students, “if you don’t have it (in you to excel in school) crapaud smoke your pipe”.

He also exhorted the students to take their education seriously and to do what they must to ensure that at the end of their studies they have what is necessary to pursue their chosen careers.

“You are the ones to take our places, you may be the next Prime Minister – we need you now. Do what is right, listen attentively to your teachers and parents, do your homework. If at the end of five years you have nothing to show for it, that doesn’t make sense,” Francis told the students.

He stated that there are many students throughout the country who would like to have the opportunity to receive assistance to continue with their own education.

The union boss recognised the presence of several fathers who accompanied their children at the ceremony and congratulated them for taking interest in the wellbeing of their children.

In response, second year scholarship recipient at the T.A. Marryshow Community College, Tracy La Touche, extended words of wisdom and encouragement.

Tracy implored the students to never give up despite the challenges they may face and to  learn from their obstacles, as “failure is not an option”.

“Whatever you sow is that you will reap,” she told them while encouraging their parents to support their children at all times even when they may not perform in their school work as expected.

Three new students were given full scholarships valued at $500.00 each to attend secondary schools while 15 others benefited from $500.00 each to continue with their secondary school education.

In addition, financial assistance of $700.00 each were presented to two students to undertake their studies as first year students at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), while 30 others were the recipients of one-off assistance to students valued $250.00.

The PWU Scholarships are granted to students of parents within the public service irrespective of their strata in society.

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