No More Vendors at Camerhogne Park

Sen. Brenda Hood - cleared up the Camerhogne Park issue

Sen. Brenda Hood – cleared up the Camerhogne Park issue

Minister for Culture, Senator Brenda Hood has put an end to speculation in the country that the Keith Mitchell-led government was planning to sell Camerhogne Park to a foreign investor who had submitted plans to build a hotel on the Grand Anse beach.

Sen. Hood addressed the letters that were sent by government to Vendor’s asking them to relocate from the Park with effect from September 1.

Speaking to reporters at Tuesday’s post-Cabinet Press Briefing, the Senior government minister pointed out numerous complaints were made to the Police about the behaviour of those persons operating at Camerhogne Park.

Sen. Hood said the action to remove the vendors was done in the best interest of everyone.
She pointed out that there is a Vendor’s Market in Grand Anse and all of the Vendors should have been operating from within that facility.

“I have been told … that there have been a lot of issues and for those of you who go to the beach at Camerhogne Park … you just have to be around there and there are lots of problems…”, she said.

“… The police have constantly complained and I believe that the Minister (of Tourism, Alexandria Otway-Noel) met with them on numerous occasions talking about the issues that we need to really deal with and therefore this is why this action had to be taken,” she added.

According to Minister Hood, the Minister of Tourism was also in receipt of numerous letters from visitors complaining about the behaviour of persons operating in the Park.

She said: “You know the Camerhogne Park belongs to all of us and if we go into Camerhogne park we should be able to enjoy it and there is no plan for the park per se (selling it)”.

“…What they (the authorities) have done is that they have closed down those booths and it was about three of four booths and I’m certain that they would’ve made other alternatives for them. They would not have just thrown them out on the streets…”, she added.

THE NEW TODAY has seen the copy of a letter dated July 31,  2014 that was sent to one of the Vendors operating at the park.

The letter headed, “Termination of Vending Operations at Camerhogne Park”, was signed by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Sibyl Alexander.

It reads as follows: “This serves to inform you that a decision was made for the removal of the booths and vending operations at Camerhogne Park.

“In this regard, you are hereby given notice to vacate the booth that was rented to you in accordance with the Vending Agreement.

“In Keeping with the termination clause of the Agreement, you are given one month’s notice to vacate the premises, that is, with effect from 1st September, 2014.”

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