LIME embraces nine more students

The students who have benefited from LIME funding to further their education

The students who have benefited from LIME funding to further their education

LIME Grenada has welcomed nine new recipients who were successful in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment to the LIME family under the LIME scholarship grant.

An official ceremony was held at the Trade Centre Annex where the nine students received a five-year grant to assist them through their secondary school education.

The scholarship programme from the island’s major telecommunications company provides books, uniforms, transportation and exam fees; as well as lunch, school fees, stationary items and in some cases. Counseling sessions are also held where and when needed.

According to Corporate Communications Officer for LIME Grenada, Zoey Hagley, the selection process started when nomination of students in need were sent to the Ministry of Education based on submissions from the principals of several primary schools around the island.

The list was then cut down further and the remaining names were submitted to LIME Grenada in order to make a final selection.

Hagley said that the selection was based primarily on academic merit and financial needs of students.

“All students performed well at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment and have demonstrated the potential to do well in secondary school,” she added.

Since the programme began in 1991, it has provided assistance to 350 students throughout the island.

During the ceremony, eighteen (18) of LIME’s existing scholarship recipients received awards for their academic performances.

“At LIME, great emphasis is placed on training and the continued education of our colleagues. We also believe in investing and nurturing Grenada’s youth (by) encouraging them to be focused and optimistic individuals for the future”, Hagley said.

“The students recognised today  have attained average ranging from 70% to 100% in the last academic school year,” she remarked.

In addition, a number of CXC graduates were recognized for their five years of hard work and dedication.
One of the students, Cameron Hillaire delivered an address on behalf of the graduates at the ceremony.

He stated that himself and others considered themselves blessed to have been chosen out of many to receive assistance throughout their secondary school.

“Only to imagine, that fees for transportation, school books and more are provided which eases the strain on our parents or guardians pockets and all that was expected of us is to do our best at school, I personally think that we consider ourselves lucky,” he said.

He spoke of seeing LIME not like a telecommunications company but more like family.

“As our final moment at school boil down, with the stress of SBA’s pounding in our skulls and our preparations for CXC examinations being wrapped up, those little pep talks and that extra push from our families at home and at LIME to carry on strong, no matter the adversities that we face in our lives and to LIME I say thank you for what you have done for me especially covering our CXC examination fee,” he said.

The 1993-98 scholarship recipient, Kinglsey Thomas in his feature address expounded on the theme: “Creating a brighter future for focus optimistic and confident individuals is very timely and appropriate in a period of economic down turn.”

“We are living in difficult times, all the same we are called upon for a brighter future. The scholarship that has been awarded to you today would have come into existence because of LIME and you passing the CPEA exams are the cause of it,” he said.

Thomas pointed out to the students that the responsibility is now on them and they should think of their future, concentrate on their studies and work hard so that they can reap great rewards later on.

Loraine Mitchell, Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience at LIME further encouraged the students to embrace everyday of their scholastic journey and to choose friends wisely.

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