Where are the investors Mr. Stone?

It is eighteen months now since the NNP Party took office.

The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique were told to vote for the NNP party on the grounds that they had over two hundred investors waiting to come to do business in Grenada. We all know what happened and what is happening – lies and more lies to make a long story short.

Here is my plan. There are fifteen Ministers of Government with monthly wages ranging from eight to ten thousand Dollars with perks to go with it. If every Minister in every constituency chose two very poor families and spent one thousand dollars towards their very pressing needs, eradication of the very said poverty could be a reality.
Watch this – Six months of the year gone without the road workers doing a single day’s work as yet. These persons pay the same price in the shop as those that get their wages all year around; namely Ministers of Government, Post Office workers, the police, doctors and nurses. Where is the justice that has been wildly talked about in Grenada?

I know that God is watching their every move religiously; every Minister of Government and Permanent Secretary receive their salary every month. In the first six months, some persons haven’t driven a stroke while Ministers of Government have already pocketed over Forty Eight Thousand Dollars in wages.

The people in authority in the Caribbean that control State power still apply slavery mentality to its’ people. Every able-bodied person has the right to work and to get help to find a job and to work to look after themselves and their family.

The hand-out thing is not working anymore. In this era we are living in, no one should be living in a house where you have to go outside to shelter if it rains. I know that the Caribbean is home to a number of very poor countries, but when you have leaders boasting that their assets are over nineteen million dollars, and others are following close behind with figures like ten million, eight million and so on, surely better can be done for more of our people.

It is appalling to see the conditions that some of our senior citizens exist under.

Another concern that I have is overcrowding in some areas; in some cases eight persons in a house 10’x12’ with no electricity, no running water or sanitary containers, and water settlement under the house when it rains. The children often sleep on the floor contracting the cold and asthmatic conditions.

As you read this article and observe the arrangement in it, you would realise that the writer is uneducated and simple. I am a community person. I watch and listen and make mention of the things I see fit and necessary to be done.

In the world today there is a breakdown in law and order. That is why we are seeing children making children. It’s like two bottles floating in water – none can help the other. Then there is talk about training for the very young. What training may I ask? You cannot give what you yourself haven’t got, and that’s a fact.

Please, please, please open your eyes and observe what is taking place in your country. Some are pocketing tons of money while the majority can only wake up and watch the sky.

Some say that the people only get the Government of their choice, so why grumble now. I’m saying that it’s much easier to work before the joints start squeaking all over. I’m sure that the Minister that is declaring those huge assets started when he was young and able, and if they didn’t, then let them tell us how became of the millions in the bank.

Remember my people, the longest day has or will come to an end. So
let’s wait watch and see – it must happen. Every knee must bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the Most High.

Now you got my drift – I hope everyone will understand how badly they have been short changed by our so-called government and those in authority. The last campaign slogan was changed from ‘work you want, work you go get’ to ‘we will deliver’. There is a missing word in that statement. It now reads ‘we will not deliver’.

My friends, if you can put this nonsense that I wrote together, and if you can make sense of it, then the writer will be very happy.

Concerned Kayak

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