RGPF concerned about use of cow chains in carnival

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has raised concerns about the use of cow chains and the re-introduction of reptiles by revelers in the just ended annual Carnival season.

During a press briefing last week Friday, Officer in charge of Operations in the force, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Edwin Martin disclosed that some persons received injuries from the chains during Monday’s Jouvert morning activities.

“The injuries sustained by one of the officers is as a result of swinging chains in the air that would have hit one of the officers in his head and that resulted in 9 stitches in his head”, the senior cop told reporters.

“…A lady was also found somewhere by the side of the road in Tanteen reportedly as a result of being hit with a chain swinging in the air,” he said.

ACP Martin announced that something will have to be done about the use of the chains once they are posing a danger to persons.

He hinted at the possibility of putting it on the list of prohibitive items for carnival on security grounds because once “items have to be used in a manner that endangers the safety of persons and causing injury to others then we would have to react”.

“If it is becoming a weapon endangering officers, spectators, masqueraders, we’ll have to act,” he said.

As a top member of the Police High Command, ACP Martin made mention of the use of a boat anchor and a chainsaw as props in Jouvert by revelers.

“It was also reported that a very large boat anchor was used during one of the events – being pulled by a rope – when officers observed a series of people toppled and tripped on the ground as this boat anchor was pulled through the band”, he said.

“…We also noted the use of chainsaws though without blade on it or chains on it – the sounds of the machine was terrifying and intimidating the persons which caused some measure of a stampede,” he added.

ACP Martin also addressed the issue of the re-emergence of the use of reptiles, which was outlawed in past carnival activities.

“We would want to advise masqueraders to desist from this practice in the future, as the appropriate actions will be taken by the RGPF if and when these incidents occur,” he remarked.

The senior police officer indicated that there were no arrests specifically for the use of the reptiles but some were confiscated and released back into the environment.

“It is of concern to us because we certainly share the same view of the protection of wild life and that is why we want to advise persons to stay away please from that and something we will be looking towards as we move into next year to reinforce the public education on that as well as the policing of it,” ACP Martin said.

During the press briefing, the lawmen also announced the confiscation of eight kilos of Cocaine, 17 pounds of Cannabis and a quantity of Cannabis Cigarettes and some smaller portions.

Eight persons were arrested for offensive weapons, 11 for illegal drugs or illegal narcotics, five for fighting in public places, seven for harm offences and two for illegal firearms.

Additionally, a number of offensive weapons were seized – seven cutlasses, 14 knives, two ice picks, one axe, two scissors and 45 cow chains.

No one was charged for being in possession of those items.

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