No major traffic accidents during carnival

Insp Clev Antoine - gave figures on the road traffic accidents during Carnival

Insp Clev Antoine – gave figures on the road traffic accidents during Carnival

The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is reporting a relatively smooth 2014 carnival season in terms of serious road accidents on the nation’s roads when compared to previous years.

The police held a media briefing involving two Assistant Commissioner of Police ACPs and an Inspector attached to the Traffic Department and informed local reporters that traffic offences were very minimal for the entire carnival period.

According to Inspector Clevroy Antoine, there were 33 accidents for the season but nothing to be too alarmed about.
“Ten would’ve derived from accidents within the St George’s area, Central Traffic Department and nine from Grenville, which is St Andrew”, he said.

Insp. Antoine stated that the figures from these were the two areas in the country where people often traveled to and fro because most of the carnival-related activities were held in these two main parishes.

“…So we know for a fact these are the areas where traffic would have been traversing quite more frequent than other areas …”, he said.

Insp. Antoine pointed out that out of those accidents, only three resulted in injuries of a minor nature to persons like a simple fracture and a swollen shoulder.

The police officer applauded the motoring public for adhering to the traffic regulations that ensured a smooth flow of traffic during the carnival season.

“We applaud the whole efforts of the motoring public because it shows that they would have adhered to most of the laws to ensure the safety of our festive period and that in itself would’ve created that reduction in accidents”, he said.

He identified Sauteurs, Victoria and the sister isle of Carriacou as places that did not report any vehicular accidents during the carnival season.

Insp. Antoine also noted that the Traffic Department did not receive reports of motorists breaking the traffic laws but were rather disciplined since this is the time of the year that many persons choose to take chances to infringe on the traffic laws.

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