More participants for financial seminar

Kim Parris - President of the GUT body

Kim Parris – President of the GUT body

The Grenada Union of Teachers Co-operative Credit Union is boasting of an increase in the number of children registering for its 4th annual financial seminar.

A ceremony was held on Monday at the St Louis RC Girls’ school to officially open the seminar.

President of GUT credit Union, Kim Paris said the number of persons registering has been growing from year to year.

According to Paris, in 2012 there were 365 children registering, 2013 had 484 and this year there are 570 children.

“This clearly is an indication that the objective of embarking on such an initiative, that of educating and engaging children in financial literacy is undoubtedly being fulfilled as indicated by the steady increase and interest shown over the years,” she remarked.

Stating that the aim is to impart financial literacy education to the nation’s youth, Parris said she believes that the objective of the seminar is being met.

“We’re seeing an increase in the number of participants registering, we’re seeing an increase in the number of persons joining the Smart Savers and we’re also seeing an increase in the amount of money saved by Smart Savers,” she added.

In an effort to have what is being taught to students to remain with them, the GUT president pointed out that they use a spiral approach towards the curriculum.

“We using (the spiral approach) to impart knowledge to the children, so what we would’ve done last year we building on it we’re not really repeating it, we’re building on the topic we would’ve worked on the previous year, ” she explained.

The topics that were covered range from growing money and setting financial goals to learning about budgeting.

The GUT official encouraged the students to impart the knowledge they have learnt to the people they associate with.

“As the activities of the day unfold, you are expected to be active participants in the learning process and are further encouraged to share what you would have learnt with your family members, with friends and with persons within your community,” she said.

The seminar, which began in Carriacou, also took place in St George, St Mark, St Andrew and culminated in St. Patrick.

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