GUTCCU aids CPEA students

A group of students who received financial assistance for the new school year

A group of students who received financial assistance for the new school year

Ninety-six students have received financial assistance from the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) under its CPEA Scholarship grant programme to better equip them to start secondary school life in September for the first time.

A ceremony was held last Friday at the Horizon Plaza Emporium Building on St. John’s Street in St. George’s where cheques of $200 plus a $50 voucher for the starting up of a smart saver account were distributed to assist members with the purchase of books, uniforms and other school supplies.

The programme has been in operation for nine years under the GUT Cooperative Credit Union and has benefited 585 children thus far with $200,750 being spent under the initiative.

Chair of the education committee at the Credit Union, Egbert LaGuerre said this scheme is another example in which the Credit Union gives recognition to the importance of higher education and lifelong learning.

“Bearing this in mind, we give you money to  assist you the boys and girls who are sitting here today with the commencement of your journey into secondary education”, he said.
“We are fully aware that this journey may become challenging at times, however, we take this opportunity to encourage you to persevere and not be discouraged by the challenges, which you may encounter,” he added.
According to LaGuerre, every member of the Credit Union whose child has successfully completed the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) is eligible for the grant.
“There is no discrimination with regards to performance, no limit to the number of children who are eligible. This therefore means, that at the GUTCCU, we are prepared to assist as many of our members as possible,” he said.
LaGuerre stated that it is the credit union’s hope that the assistance provided would contribute towards reducing the financial burden associated with back to school preparations faced by many parents.

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