Gun Shots Dominated Spicemas

A 23-year old St. Patrick’s man was left hospitalized as the carnival holiday period in Grenada was marred by two shooting incidents involving members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The exact details surrounding the shooting incident have not been released by the Public Relations Department of the force.

Inspector of Police, Rebecca Jones who is in charge of PR with RGPF informed The New Today newspaper that a press briefing is scheduled for this morning (Friday, August 15) where details about all Carnival shooting incidents will be disclosed.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that police attempted to disarm the Mt. Craven civilian who was armed with a knife and when it failed a police firearm was discharged and a bullet hit the deceased.

Reports are that Bernard received a fatal gunshot wound to the neck.

The police have also confirmed reports of another controversial shooting incident at the “Outrageous Pure White” fete held at Moonlight City in La Potrie owned by businessman, Daniel “Diego” Peters.

There are conflicting reports about this particular shooting incident with the police giving a version that is much different from those of some persons attending the fete.

A high-level police spokesman told this newspaper that based on a preliminary report it appears that one person was shot after several persons had allegedly over-powered a plainclothes policeman at the show.

He said the officer requested back-up support and when several re-enforcements were sent into the area the group of men attempted to flee the scene.

He spoke of a police firearm being discharged and one person was allegedly shot in the foot.

The spokesman denied reports circulating in some quarters that the father of the injured man, believed to be a police officer himself, had to take his son out of a cell and bring him to Princess Alice hospital for treatment for the gunshot injury.

According to the official, the information reaching the Police High Command is that the police themselves were the ones who took the injured man to the hospital for medical care.

Reports also surfaced that a licensed firearm in the name of former Manager of LIME, Angus Steele was allegedly discharged at the show and the police later confiscated it.

The Moonlight City event also allegedly left a police officer hospitalised at the St. George’s General Hospital nursing some broken ribs after he was said to be the victim of a stampede, as well as a beating from patrons attending the show.

The spokesman said the police are still in the process of gathering information about the Carnival holiday shooting incidents and the press would be briefed sometime on Friday about all related matters.

The spokesman also addressed reports circulating in some parts of the country that police had shot a civilian following a disturbance that broke out on one of the Carriacou vessels anchored on the Carenage.

He said the police boarded the vessel to control a fight that had broken out among some persons but only fired warning shots into the air to bring the situation under control.

He stated that no one was injured by the police on the boat but that a lady who fainted and required medical assistance was helped by the police to reach the St. George’s General hospital for medical attention.

Two weeks ago, police shot and killed 40-year old Andy Brathwaite alias “Yambo” of Morne Fendue, St Patrick as the lawmen allegedly foiled a robbery attempt by the deceased in Plains, St Patrick.

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