Casino gambling in Grenada

It is alleged that during the debate in Parliament on the casino bill one of our parliamentarians stated that the leaders of the different denominations said they did not have any problem with granting permission for casino to operate in Grenada once locals are not involved.

If that is true, then it implicates our religious leaders. It simply means that they quietly and deceitfully agreed to institute casino gambling in Grenada.

Added to this I find it very strange that our religious leaders are very quiet on the issue. Because of this it has become mandatory for the leader of the Conference of Churches, Evangelical Churches, Seventh-Day Adventist, Pentecostal Assembly, Church of God and Grenada Baptist to issue individual statements on the issue.

We as members need to know if our spiritual leaders went to bed with
the government on the issue. Should you choose to remain quiet them we can conclude that you did support the bill.

Disciple of Christ

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