Relocation of Woburn School

Students of the Woburn Methodist School will start the new school year at the Marian Community Centre.

Parliamentary Representative for St George South East and Minister with responsibility for Works, Gregory Bowen, said that after numerous discussions with parents, and staff of Woburn Methodist School it was concluded that the students will continue their learning at the Marian Community Centre to enable the reconstruction of the facility.

Minister Bowen said the decision to relocate the students to the Marian Community Centre came from parents themselves.

He disclosed that other alternative facilities came up for discussion including the unfinished Community Centre at Calivigny.

However, the senior government minister pointed out that the cost to bring that facility up to standard for use by the students was too much for Government at this time.

The cash-strapped Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) administration has not been able to balance the books since coming into office 18 months ago.

The regime has complained of sending 70% of revenue collected on paying salaries and pension wit the rest remaining hardly able to pay for the other service done by the State.

According to Minister Bowen, the use of South St George Primary School was also looked at as a possible alternative for the Woburn school was also shot down by parents due to the additional financial burden placed on them in terms of transportation.

He said the government will be spending less money on getting the Community Centre at Marian ready to house the students and teachers.

Minister Bowen also said that he intends to held a public meeting with residents of Marian to discuss the temporary relocation of the Woburn school to the building since the facility would no longer be able to be used by residents to stage major events for some time.

The rebuilding of the school at work is being funded by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)

The Tenders Board will soon identify the Contractor to start work on the project.

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