Hitman Inspector lashes out at poor Carnival organisation

Veteran calypsonian Elimus Gilbert who is known in the calypso arena as Inspector has expressed his disgust over the way carnival organisers have treated the country’s main cultural festival this year.

Inspector who was a guest on GIS Television morning program said he believes the authorities need to invest more in carnival.

The veteran told the host of the program that what he is is sincere about what he is saying and his remarks on the issue have nothing to do with politics.

“The carnival is in a state and it has to be fixed. It is very, very terrible, and I am being honest with you – this year, it is one of the worst I have ever seen in all my years in the business,” he said.

During the last 15 years, Inspector has emerged as one of the major frontline local calypsonians to be associated with the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell with platform appearances in the 1999, 2003, 2008 and 2013 general elections.

Sources close to the artiste quote him a saying that he very much regretted those political appearances and has vowed not to engage in any more of those activities.

Known as the Hit Man Inspector, the veteran calypsonian who resides at Sauteurs, St. Patrick’s said during the season he can say that he received 100% in air play of his songs, but business has been terrible from a financial point of view.

He said in Grenada there is a problem with the build up to carnival after it is launched because after the launch in June, there is virtually nothing to look forward towards.

“After the launching there is nothing. We just launch on a hype and it gone back down, that is very terrible. We talk every year, we just talk, talk, talk, over and over. When carnival over everybody go about their business, then we come back around June again trying to fix it – all that I will like to see stop. We must fix carnival,” he remarked.

The veteran calypsonian also touched on the financial impact that carnival has on the local economy.

He said when tourists are encourage to come to the island for carnival they must be able to see or feel something.

According to Inspector, he intends to have “a serious meeting” with fellow artistes to look at the way forward since they too are complaining as well about the terrible state of things.

Veteran calypsonian Elimus Gilbert

Veteran calypsonian Elimus Gilbert

Just last week soca artistes Finley Jeffery known as Scholar complained to carnival organisers about the appearance fee that is given to soca artistes.

He said when one looks at the overhead costs that the artistes are expected to put out, it is more than the $1000 that is given as appearance fee by the Spicemas Corporation..

Inspector who will be celebrating 30 years in the business in 2015 has already started putting structure in place to celebrate the milestone.

He said the 30th anniversary celebrations will take place in St. Andrew’s with performances coming from various international artistes.

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