Ebony is the new Queen

Twenty-year-old Ebony Telesford, Carnival Queen 2014 – she is ready to take the bull by the horn

Twenty-year-old Ebony Telesford, Carnival Queen 2014 – she is ready to take the bull by the horn

Twenty-year old Ebony Telesford, who represented “Pure Reef” of the Pure Grenada slogan adopted by the newly created Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA), was crowned as the island’s Carnival Queen for 2014 on
Majestic Thursday.

The daughter of internationally known soca artiste, Wilt Cambridge (Talpree) was among seven young ladies who walked the stage at the national stadium at Queen’s Park in the battle for the title.

Up to the time of going to press, an official of the Spicemas Corporation said that the prizes to be given to the Queen contestants were still to be finalized.

Apart from Ebony, the other contestants were Nikita St. John who represented Pure Discovery, Michelle Wilshire (Pure living), Aria Francis (Pure Spice), Renisha Wells (Pure Adventure, Keisha McLeod (Pure Rhythms) and Danielle Douglas (Pure Sailing.

The competitors were judged in five categories – Platform Speech, Swimwear, Costume, Evening Wear and Best.

As part of the platform Speech category, the ladies were all given a specific topic to elaborate on but in the end, Ebony Telesford with her speech, “The face we wear” and Nikita McVean with her speech, “Agriculture – the natural solution”, were adjudged to have the best platform speeches.

Best Swimwear went to Renisha Wells, Aria Francis was awarded for Best Costume, while the prize for Best Evening Wear went to Renisha Wells and the contestant who emerged as the person with the Best Answered Question was Ebony Telesford.

The first runner up prize went to Nikita Mc Vean (378.5) while in third spot was Aria Francis who received 368.5 points

Speaking to reporters after the results were released, Telesford who copped the title with 395 points said that it was a trying time for her but the results was worth it.

“It was a really educational one, one that I would do over in a heartbeat. The most challenging – although I was looking forward to that part of the show – would have been the Ambassadorial speech, it was a little challenging, getting everything prepared,” she said.

One of the roles for the Carnival Queen would be to partner with GTA in representing Grenada.

According to Telesford, she was looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead with the new tourism body.

“I’m quite prepared, I’m really looking forward to partner with the Grenada Tourism Authority. I’m a really optimistic person and I take everything that’s thrown at me,” she remarked.

The first runner up winner Nikita McVean said although she didn’t win, she is still looking forward to doing work in her community and was expecting the support of the public.

In the case of second runner-up, Aria Francis she told reporters that one of the things she learnt in the competition was to have confidence in herself and to also appreciate herself in anything that she intends to do.

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