$135, 000.00 robbery at Joe Ross

Police are looking for a suspect who robbed the home of city businessman Joseph Ross of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame last week and got away with $135,000.00 in cash.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) were called in to investigate the robbery at Ross’ home on H.A Blaize Street in St. George’s.

He said that the intruder missed another $90, 000 E.C dollars that was close to where the EC$135, 000.00 was put in the house by Ross.

“The person (robber) did not see that money ($90, 000.00). Once he got the money, he just apparently left the house. Ross could count himself very lucky that he still saved the 90, 000”, said the source.

According to the official who asked not to be named, the investigating police party identified the area of the house that the person used to force entry into the building.

He spoke of some persons in the area seeing a man in the vicinity at the time of the robbery but they were not aware that something odd was going on at Ross’ home given its location right on the roadside.

The source said the police took some fingerprints on the crime scene to see if anything found match those of other known robbers in their large data base.

A few years ago, the KFC franchise holder lost thousands of dollars when someone held up his wife coming from Grenville with a large cash of money from his KFC outlet in the outer parish.

The city businessman is said to have been reluctant to heed the advice given to him by the police over the years to either use a security firm or RGPF officers to handle the removal of large cash from his business places to the bank for safe keeping.

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