TAWU humiliated by workers of Independence Agencies

Independence Agencies – the main office building which houses the workers that rebuffed TAWU

Independence Agencies – the main office building which houses the workers that rebuffed TAWU

There has been no official reaction from the powerful Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) on its humiliating defeat at a poll conducted seeking to represent the workers of Independence Agencies.

THE NEW TODAY understand that only three employees voted for TAWU while 31 of them voted against the union that is headed by controversial trade unionist, Chester Humphrey.

The defeat is another major blow for the former Grenada senator who played a key role in the birth of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution that was charted by the left-leaning New Jewel Movement (NJM) of late marxist leader, Maurice Bishop.

Two months ago, Humphrey was booed for the first ti me at Labour Day celebrations in Grenada when he appeared on the podium at the national stadium at Queen’s Park to deliver his traditional speech to thousands of workers on parade.

The fortunes of the TAWU boss has been on the wane after he announced “Project Grenada” and started to voice support for the New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, a political group that he had opposed for over two decades.

Although TAWU has remained silent after the crushing defeat, the business place, Independence Agencies issued the following release:

“Four years after a union poll was aborted at Independence Agencies Ltd.,  TAWU  finally got their wish by the current labour minister to conduct a poll on Friday 25th July, to represent the employees of Independence Agencies Ltd.

The poll was aborted in 2010 because management of Independence Agencies was insisting that the employees of CK’s Super Valu should also be included, as they were also part of Independence Agencies Ltd and one company, but the TAWU insisted that they did not want to poll the Employees at CK’s.

However, last week the labour minister agreed to allow the poll to be taken and this was done on Friday morning.

There were 34 employees who were eligible to vote and after the poll was completed, the end result was that the TAWU Union was severely dismissed by the employees who voted 3 in favour of and a whopping 31 against the TAWU .

There have been many false accusations made by the TAWU recently against the management of Independence Agencies Ltd., both in the form of fliers to the employees as well as news releases on newspapers and television, but the results on Friday last proved that many of those accusations were indeed false.

The TAWU also claimed to the labour commissioner that they ‘already had over 50% of the employees as current members of their union’, but the poll result proved that this was Totally False.

They also claimed that the management was planning to take the labour commissioner to court to resolve this matter, also False. There were also many other false claims made too numerous to mention.

The poll Friday showed that the employees are comfortable with the working conditions and the management at Independence Agencies Ltd., contrary to what the TAWU has been trying to convey to our employees and the general public.

Currently, the company has a total of 75 employees and, as it has been said several times by many, it is considered one of the best companies in Grenada to be Employed with.

Our benefits are the very best which include health insurance, life insurance, pension, as well as other benefits, but the TAWU tried to give a very different impression.

Every department at Independence Agencies was filled with jubilation at the good news after the poll on Friday and many thanked the management for sticking out against TAWU and not caving in to their false propaganda to try to get the employees to accept them as their official Bargaining agent.

On Friday after the poll, one of the TAWU leaders, Mr Chester Humphrey was asked to comment on the poll results and his comment was that the management has been “bullying and threatening the Workers so they were afraid to vote for the union”.

The false statements continue, even after the convincing poll results.

As for Independence Agencies Ltd., we will continue to treat all our employees with the respect and loyalty they deserve, with the best benefits that we can give. We will now resume to working in peace and harmony that we are accustomed to for the benefit of all employees”.

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