Pure White still on at Moonlight City

Nimrod Ollivierre and Lawyer Francis Paul have steep conversation after losing the case brought against Outrageous Pure White

Nimrod Ollivierre and Lawyer Francis Paul have steep conversation after losing the case brought against Outrageous Pure White

New York-based promoter,  Nimrod Ollivierre has failed in his bid to get a high court judge to block a rival outfit from holding a competing show on Saturday night.

The promoter issued instructions to his attorney, Francis Paul to prevent the operator of Moonlight City, Diego Peters and his associates from holding a competing event – less than five miles away from where Nimrod will be holding his event.

Female high court judge, Justice Margaret Mohammed after hearing arguments for both sides on Tuesday ruled against the New York promoter who is originally from Grand Mal, St. George’s.

Nimrod’s show is taking place under the banner of “White in the Moonlight” while the other group is staging theirs as Outrageous Pure White.

The Injunction filed by Ollivierre sought to prevent Peters and others from using material to promote their show that was misleading to the public.

Attorney-at-law Paul submitted that the material being used by Outrageous Pure White was pointing out to the public that White In the Moonlight was being held at Moonlight City and Outrageous Pure White is the same White in the Moonlight that was always being held at Moonlight City.

The opposing attorney, Derrick Sylvester pointed out that Peters had formed his business since 2002 at Moonlight City whereas Olivierre came at a much later date.

“They’re saying that Pure White promoters should not use White or White in the Moonlight but this concept was only formed October last year – Diego business formed since 2002, so you cant tell a man, they cannot use Moonlight City,” Sylvester told reporters

Olliverre also took action against a number of other persons like the Promoter of Jab Jab fest, Dwayne “Chubby” Lewis, alleging that they were part and parcel of the Outrageous Pure White show.

According to Sylvester, the judge who sat in High Court Number 3 ruled that there was not enough evidence on paper before the court to connect Lewis and two others, former Cable & Wireless local manager, Angus Steele and Curt Ross to the proceedings and the action taken against them was struck out.

Olliverre was ordered to pay cost of $2000 to each of the defendants.

One of the other major promoters of Outrageous Pure White, Aaron “Revo” Thomas later told reporters that he is happy that the legal court battles is all over.

“First time I’ve been through that, what we have to do now is continue advertising the show to promote the show, I am disappointed that it was brought this far but that’s business,” he said.

Outrageous Pure white will be held at Moonlight City in La Potrie with headlining acts like Mr Vegas, Kerwin Dubois and Cassi while Digicel’s White in the Moonlight will be held at Progress Park in St. Andrew’s with Machel Montano and the HD family on Saturday night.

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