Insurance company sponsors carnival countdown clock

This year, for the first time, artistes performing in both Soca Monarch and Dimanche Gras finals will be subject to time stipulations!

In previous years, Soca artistes were given an allotted time of 8 minutes in the semi-finals and 10 minutes at Soca Monarch to complete their performance.

However, this year, artistes appearing in either show will have 10 minutes to complete their performance and have a continual stream of information on their remaining time allocation visible to them whilst on stage.

Netherlands Insurance, a trendsetter that’s leading the way in the support of the arts in the Spice Isles, has once again taken up the arts mantle by sponsoring a much-needed countdown clock for major shows of Spicemas.

The clock which was first used during the earlier quarter/semi-finals provides a countdown showing to artistes the time they have remaining for their performance.

There is also a synchronised colour notification whereby the clock’s various colours move from green to red, thereby giving artistes an additional visual cue when they have passed beyond seven (7) minutes.

In previous years, Soca artistes were alerted only by a red light when they were two minutes from the end of their performance.

Managing Director of Netherlands Insurance, Richard Strachan has commended the Spicemas Corporation for this and other innovations implemented for this year’s event.

Commenting on Netherlands’ sponsorship of the countdown clock, he said. “Whilst the use of a countdown clock is not new to events of this kind, I am pleased that Netherlands Insurance has made it possible for this countdown facility to be available to support and improve the professionalism of these important events for artistes and their audiences in Grenada”.

“There is now no reason why any artiste should ever exceed their performance time limit. The clock will clearly inform them of how much time they have left allowing them to conclude their performance in a smooth and professional manner”, he added.

This innovation could not be timelier as every indication is that this year’s competition will be fierce, as the nation’s artistes compete for the titles of Soca Monarch King and Dimanche Gras King on August 8 and 10t respectively at the National Stadium.

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