PI into Mt. Moritz suitcase murder

Attorney Kenroy Samuel questioned the first witness to take the stand

Attorney Kenroy Samuel questioned the first witness to take the stand

The Preliminary Inquiry into the murder case brought against British national Alexander Robert Clack in connection with the death of his wife,  28-year-old Nixiann Downes-Clack has started before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill in the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

The police prosecutor who is leading evidence in the case was able to put on the stand the first witness to testify.
Mother of the deceased Linda Downes-McQueen was the first of the seven witnesses that would be called upon to give evidence for the State.

Moments before the PI got underway, some heated words were thrown in his direction as the accused was making his entrance to the court in handcuffs.

The aunts and cousins of the deceased hurled several strong words of scorn, saying that, “She (Nixiann) didn’t deserve to die like that and, “Alex, why didn’t you just let her go and stay with your concubines?”

Before the Chief Magistrate called the case, a police officer was seen walking towards the court pulling what is alleged to be the suitcase used to carry Nixiann’s body to the shallow grave at Mt. Moritz where she was buried after being killed at a house in Calliste where she lived with her husband.

The mother of the deceased told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper before going inside the court room that no mother would not want to know that their daughter was treated like nothing and her body then dumped in a suitcase after being killed.

When she took to the Witness stand, the mother had to swear with a bible in her right hand to tell the truth to the court on any question posed to her.

McQueen was cross-examined by both the Police Prosecutor and attorney-at-law, Kenroy Samuel, one of the defense lawyers representing Clack.

Downes-Mc Queen was able to answer several questions from the State Prosecutor but showed signs of being a little bit nervous to those questions that came from Samuel.

She later told this newspaper she felt that she was the one being put on trial for murder and not Clack.

During the process of cross examination from Samuel, several members of the grieving family walked out of the court room murmuring, “This is too much”, and “This lawyer doesn’t have a heart”.

The hearing was adjourned until September 8 at 1.00 pm when the Prosecution will call three other witnesses to the stand.

One of them is a 17-year old student who was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with the murder suspect.

The student is said to have co-operated with the police and allegedly provided them with critical information to help build the case against Clack.

Nixiann was reported missing to the police by her mother after she refused to show up to spend the day with her at the family home at St. Mark’s.

Police immediately treated Clack as a prime suspect since he was allegedly engaged in wife-beating activities.

The State is contending that during questioning in custody, the British man “confessed” that he killed his wife and buried her.

Leader of the defense team, Anselm Clouden is contending that Clack did not confess to the murder.

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