Men Caught With $200, 000.00 Cocaine

Four men are being charged with the possession of a controlled drug

Four men are being charged with the possession of a controlled drug

The Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has made another major hit against the illegal drug trade in the country.

The officers have arrested four persons – Feron Noel of Woburn and Niron Edwards, Kimon Edwards and Shillon Toussaint of St. Andrew’s – in connection with a quantity of Cocaine worth over $200,000 and close to $40,000 in cash.

The suspects were apprehended in a drug operation carried out last week in which the Drug Squad intercepted the vehicles in which they were travelling with the illegal substances.

DrugsThe four made their first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill last Thursday where their legal representative, Peter David argued for bail to be granted to them.

The Police Prosecutor opposed the application on the grounds that there was an ongoing investigation and their release could hinder the exercise being undertaken by the law enforcement officers.

In response, Attorney-at-law David told the court that there were many other persons out on bail for more serious criminal charges and pointed out a number of them to the Chief Magistrate.

The cocaine suspects were all granted bail in the sum of $60,000 each with two sureties.

The Chief Magistrate ordered Noel of Woburn to report to the South St George police station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 6.00 a.m and 6. p.m as part of the bail condition.

Both Niron and Kimon Edwards, as well as Toussaint of La Poterie, St Andrew have to report to the Grenville Police Station during the same time frame.

Feron Noel and Niron Edwards are charged with possession and trafficking of a controlled drug as well as Money laundering. In addition, they have been slapped with a charge of conspiracy to traffic a controlled drug.

In the case of Kimon Edwards and Shillion Toussaint, the two drug suspects were charged with the possession of a controlled drug.

The four men are due to return to court on October 21.

In other news related to the police, a 40-year old man of Morne Fendue, St. Patrick’s was shot and killed as he was in the process of committing a robbery in a house at Plains.

A police report said that Andy Brathwaite alias “Yambo”, was shot during a police operation last Friday night.

According to a police bulletin, at the time of the incident, officers were conducting an operation, in response to a spate of housebreaking and stealing in the Plains, St Patrick area.

It said: “At approximately 8:10 p.m. during the operation, a man wearing a hood, gloves and armed with a chopper and other housebreaking implements and who was in the process of breaking into a house was approached by officers and an altercation ensued”.

A reliable source told THE NEW TODAY that when the suspect was spotted by the lawmen, he started to run away and one officer gave chase.

He said the officer tripped and fell onto the ground and “Yambo” who recognised what apparently happened, turned around and moved in the direction of the officer on the ground with his chopper in the air as if to chop him.

He spoke of one officer who became alert to what was taking place then pulled out his weapon and fired a shot in the direction of Brathwaite who was hit and fell to the ground in the process.

The injured man was taken to the Princess Alice Hospital at Mirabeau, St Andrew where he later died.

Police are said to be continuing their investigations into the incident.

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