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Ramdhanny’s Grand Anse makes a major turn around

Ramdhanny’s Grand Anse makes a major turn around

One of the island’s oldest family run business, L.L Ramdhanny & Co. Ltd has joined forces with a major Jamaican brand known as True Value and is now offering a wider variety of products to its customers.

An official opening ceremony was recently held to showcase the refurbished work done at its main building at Grand Anse, St. George’s.

General Manager of Ramdhanny’s, Grand Anse, Leslie-Ann Ramdhanny said the needed a turn around and True Value provided just that for it.

“We chose to partner with True Value based on the product lines that they offer, they themselves are going through a bit of a re-branding of sort where the focus is on efficiency, customer service and providing different products that they can offer on the market”, she said.

“…We chose to re-brand our store to enable us to become more competitive on the market also to continue to entice and woo our customers in today’s market where everybody has a choice,” she added.

The General Manager  remarked that the Grand Anse branch which has been in operation since 1988 has now expanded its product line with the Association with the Jamaican company.

“We have expanded our home line selection so we have a fair amount of organising and storage items – the things we didn’t carry before, food processors, coffee makers, lawn and garden is another line that we have expanded on.

General Manager of Ramdhanny, Leslie-Ann Ramdhanny says there are more changes to come

General Manager of Ramdhanny, Leslie-Ann Ramdhanny says there are more changes to come

“Our tools have expanded as well and we cannot carry everything that’s in the store but everything is accessible, so once you make an inquiry we can surely source it.

According to Ramdhanny, this new partnership is a platform on which the local firm can now build upon.

She said: “We have not attained all of our goals, this would be a constant effort on our part to maintain the standards we have. Our Customer Service is something that we have to continue to work on,” she added.

Territory Manager of True Value, Deborah Reed said she is truly a proud partner from True Value.

“I came in last year, we met and immediately thought we needed a (boost) factor for this store. We put heads together, it was a lot of hard work just even in the planning stage but all of the associates who put their heart and soul into making this store look like what it does today I want to congratulate you all for the very hard work, the dedication. I know it wasn’t easy but I hope you appreciate the end result, I’m very proud to see it,” Reed said.

She touched on how Ramdhanny’s would be better able to serve its customers.

Reed said the local business concern will now have access to a much wider assortment of products than trying to source goods on their own.

“We stock 75,000 items in our Distribution Centres. Ramdhanny send orders on a weekly basis from the Distribution Centre so they have (a) much wider array of products, better pricing that will help with pricing of their goods in the market and hopefully with the transformation I believe from what I have heard,” she added.

True Value has over 44 retail members throughout the Caribbean including Huggins, which is got associated with a few years ago.

According to Reed, it is obvious that the individual businesses need a turn around at some point in time.

“You want to create a good customer experience for the customers and it doesn’t matter just having goods on the shelf at a good price. (This) is not all it takes – everybody likes to shop in a comfortable environment. It’s cool (when) you hear some music in the background, you feel like you want to stay and you have great service,” she said.

“The more successful a business is the more they’re going to purchase and they make their purchases through us so we do make money from what they purchase through us but the good part is that it is a Co-op so whatever profit the Co-op makes get paid out of a dividend to our member retailers but it’s a win-win for everybody,” she added.

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