IMA expanding its managerial services

Manger of IMA, Kendall Dubois said too much talent is going to waste in Grenada

Manger of IMA, Kendall Dubois said too much talent is going to waste in Grenada

The International Modeling Agency (IMA) will be expanding its services to take on the responsibility of managing not only models but also artistes and athletes.

Manager of IMA, Kendall Dubois told reporters at a press briefing at his office on Wall Street in Grand Anse, St George, that the business entity intends to give some assistance to a number of people in Grenada who are doing things on their own.

“IMA main responsibilities are to put mechanisms in place for management and also bring the models and some of the artistes to the international stage,” he said.

According to Dubois some persons will often indicate that they have a manager in New York or in some part of the OECS but more questions are then left unanswered.

One of the critical issues, he said is how is that manager looking at you and your talent and how certain are they about getting you out of Grenada.

“…So our responsibility is to work within that framework to get our people out. We have our website, we will be putting our models as well as our artistes there so that they will actually be able to showcase to the world,” he added.

Dubois lamented the fact that if models and artistes do not have the proper mechanisms and structure in place to push them, they will struggle.

According to him, the agency will be streamlining that in a more effective way and one of the ways it will be doing that is through a fashion show.

IMA held a show last Friday night bringing together pan, big drum dancing, fashion and the creative arts.

Dubois stated that in Grenada itself, one cannot simple have a fashion show by itself hence the inclusion of the different cultural aspects.

“We want to bring that up to the forefront and put everything as one, so you will not get only fashion as part of our mix, Grenadians will get the opportunity to see fashion as well as all aspects of culture,” he said.

“…Our main responsibility is contacting not only agencies, but producers for the artistes that they can reach out there because that is how it’s going to work, we need the network out of the US, out of the UK to get our talents out there,” he explained.

Dubois indicated that Grenada has a lot of talented people  who are looking to get some kind of recognition for their work.

“When you look at the talents that are actually here, from the other models that are here, it’s like a yearning for more, they want more, they want somebody to propel them further than where they are, so that is what we are going to do,” he said.

The IMA, which has been operating in Grenada for the last 15 years, has under its wing approximately 100 models.

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