Females Top Alcohol consumption

Females are now ranking higher in alcohol consumption than their male counterparts, according to Drug Avoidance Officer in the Ministry of Education, Dave Alexander.

Appearing on a recent radio programme, Alexander said the information was unearthed from a 2013 study that concluded that there was a spike in alcohol consumption by women while there was a decline in the use of the substance among the male population.

He told the host of the programme that the study pointed to a downward trend in the prevalence of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, but even though there is a downward trend there are certain aspects that continue to be worrying.

He said there is a slow increase of alcohol consumption among the females which has caused eyebrows to raise.

Alexander stated that the situation is not just unique to Grenada as similar trends have been noticed across the Caribbean, not just in schools but from females who are lready adults.

The Drug Avoidance Officer believes advertisements of alcoholic beverages play a role in women consuming the various products.

He said that over the past ten years there have been a number of new alcoholic beverages available on the local market, many of which are targeting females.

Alexander indicated that over the years not much attention was paid to women in terms of informing them or educating them against the use of alcohol as was being done for males.

Earlier this year a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Grenada has the highest per capita rate of alcohol consumption in the Americas and that the island has a yearly consumption of 12.5 Liters of pure alcohol per person.

This startling revelation, Alexander said has now caused local authorities to start looking at creating a national policy on alcohol consumption.

He indicated that in the last three months, his department has started to prepare the policy with technical assistance from St. George’s University (SGU), Michigan University, and the University of Illinois.

The draft policy is expected to be brought to the general public for consultation.

Alexander said it is hope that coming out of the consultation which should take place during September, that a call will be made for an amendment to the Liquor Dealers Licenses Act which governs the sale, production and distribution of alcohol.

The act has been in existence since 1911.

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