MNIB supports Mt Rich Football

 Roderick St Clair - Marketing Manager of MNIB

Roderick St Clair – Marketing Manager of MNIB

The Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) has donated two- dozen T Shirts to the Mt. Rich Football team to be used in upcoming sporting events.

The shirts were handed over to the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the team at a recent ceremony that was held at the MNIB Office.

During the event, Marketing Manager of the MNIB, Roderick St Clair said that there is a link between the Marketing Board being an agriculture organisation and Mt Rich being a farming community.

“It’s one of those gesture, where we interface with the community and provide the type of support that they need to keep things going, not just the fruits and vegetables but we expect the team to be eating healthy and supporting the products of the Marketing and National Importing Board,” he remarked.

St Clair was confident that the team, which has been around since 1986 will carry the brand and image of the MNIB very well.

“The important thing is not just having a logo or having branded material but it’s also about the performance of the team – they will carry the slogan naturally the best and they are naturally the best, they have showed it from youths right up and so that is the kind of spirit that we want.

“As I mentioned earlier, it is a community village so we always have increase in partnership so that to the farmers, their sons and daughters, when they go and see this team it’s basically Marketing Board they are supporting.

“… When the farmer sees his son playing the football it’s Marketing Board they’re supporting and in essence we also have an obligation to also continue to support the team.

Assistant PRO of the team, Michael Stanislaus welcomed the contribution as timely.
“We are in desperate need of this sponsorship, as we all know the club continues to dominate football over the past three seasons, we have won the second division unbeaten, we are in the premiere league,” he said.

“I think by Marketing Board taking this initiative, it will encourage the club to be more hungry for success and continue the dominance in Football in Grenada,” he added.

MNIB was created by the 1979-83 left-leaning government of slain Prime Minister Maurice Bishop to buy agricultural produce from the nation’s farmers.

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