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Toni Tuff

Toni Tuff

A new King will emerge from the 2014 CC6 Carnival knockout competition as organisers of the event have put in place a new policy, which prevents the 2013 King from defending the title.

However, last year’s winner, Toni Modeste whose stage name in Toni Tuff is crying foul over the decision that will prevent him from making a defence of the title.

Toni Tuff who is distraught over the policy spoke of being embarrassed as he was well into his final stage of preparations for the competition to be held today (Friday July 18).

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the budding soca artiste said he only learnt of the change in policy after getting in touch with one of the producers of the competition by way of text.

He pointed out that only a mere five days before the competition was to take place, he was informed of the policy to exclude the winner from taking part once again in the competition.

“If they had notified me with due time I would not have went and prepare myself and invest in my presentation,” he said.

Toni Tuff disclosed that he already spent close to $2000 for his preparation including the production of his song for the competition and getting someone to prepare his costume.

He spoke of spending $800.00 on studio time in producing his song “Place Mash UP”.

The song is on the Crab Innah Barrel riddim and is produced by Timmy Trigga Noel of Diamond Cut studio in Victoria.

The 2013 CC6 Carnival Knockout champion said after meeting with the organisers he was informed that he could participate in the final preliminary round of the competition that took place last week Friday to see if he could make it in today’s final, or he can sing as a guest artiste at the final.

He is suspicious about the sudden change in policy since in 2012, Black Dan won the competition and was allowed to defend it in 2013.

In addition, previous winners were also allowed to defend the title.

According to Toni Tuff, he was informed that the organisers of the competition have taken a decision that from hereon a different person would be given an opportunity to win the title.

Toni Tuff said that while he respect that decision he sees it as felt unfair to him as he was only given five days short notice of the new policy direction and it was only made known to him because of his own initiative after making contact which the producer of the show.

He added that it was very easy for the organisers to contact with him as they have his telephone numbers, and the main Producer is one of his friends on Facebook.

The budding soca artiste indicated that he would not allow a bad experience to break him as he has learnt in life that even out of bad experiences good things emerge.

He said he has already lined up to participate in the Happy Hill soca monarch competition and also the North-east soca monarch contest.

Toni Tuff is one of the calypsonians in the cast at the North West Calypso Brigade.

Toni Tuff won last year’s competition with the song “Represent”.

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