Split venues for carnival shows

SMC boss Archie Bain – gave details of the two different venues

SMC boss Archie Bain – gave details of the two different venues

Two venues will be used to host the major shows for Carnival 2014 unlike what was previously stated by Minister of Trade and Economic Development, Oliver Joseph.

During a post-Cabinet media briefing last week Tuesday, Minister Joseph told reporters that all major carnival activities will be held at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

Earlier this year, the Roy St. John Playing playing field was identified by government as the venue for carnival shows since the stadium would be out of use because Grenada was committed to hosting the visiting Bangladesh cricket team in two international games as part of their tour of the Caribbean.

The island is scheduled to host the games from August 20-22 at the National Stadium, the premier place for international cricket games in Grenada.

Minister Joseph indicated that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) was very concerned about the damage that could be done to the field if carnival activities were allowed to take place.

He said then that government had assured the cricket authorities in he region that the field will be protected, and whatever structures were erected for shows will be demolished in a short space of time.

However, Chairman of the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Alister Bain has now stepped into to disclose that not all of the major shows for carnival will take place at the stadium.

Appearing on GBN’s “To The Point” Program on Monday, Bain said that the stadium will be used to accommodate the Queen Show, Pree Day, Soca Monarch and Dimanche Gras, while the Children’s Carnival Frolic and Panorama will be held at the Tanteen Netball court.

The SMC Chairman stated that in an effort to avoid damage to the grounds of the National Stadium only a limited space will be used for the holding of those shows.

Bain said that due to the limited space to be used up, the stage will be constructed at a smaller size and that there will be no bars on the ground so as to mitigate against the overcrowding that will take place there.

He pointed out that the only people who will be allowed onto the grounds are the carnival revelers.
Grenada’s annual carnival celebrations will climax on August 11-12.

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