Something underneath the surface

Some things are happening underneath the surface that very few Grenadians are aware of these days as it might be in the interest of those in power to keep “the masses” in darkness.

THE NEW TODAY has been made aware of a decision that was taken by powerful forces within the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government to oppose efforts by one of the convicted killers of late Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop to get admitted to practice as an attorney-at-law in the local courts.

The Justice of the OECS Court of Appeal were due to sit in St. Lucia this week to hear an appeal from former Lieutenant-Colonel, Ewart “Headache” Layne against a decision by high court judge, Justice Margaret Price-Findlay to bar him from getting admitted as a lawyer.

The information in our possession is that powerful elements within the regime had signaled their intention to join the case with a view to blocking Layne’s application.

It now appears that behind the scene manoeuvres and pleadings by leftist forces now giving tacit support to the government might have won the day and got the officials to now adopt a neutral position on the issue.

These “under the surface” happenings are unknown to the vast majority of the population, however, they can have wide and far-reaching implications for the future of the country.

An anti-Layne lobby could lead to distrust between Prime Minister Mitchell and the promoters of the “Project Grenada” idea like former Foreign Minister, Peter David and trade unionist, Chester Humphrey.

THE NEW TODAY is of a similar view although there is a school of thought that the two former left-wingers in the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution are more in favour of advancing their own personal agenda and cause and not necessarily those of their former Comrades of yesteryear.

If the government had joined the battle to keep Layne out of the law courts, it would have been a slap straight in the face of Attorney-General, Cajeton Hood who was involved in the fight to clear the way for the former Army man to be admitted to the bar.

It was Hood’s law firm that took Layne in and allowed him to do some of the work needed to advance his cause to seek permission to approach the court to get qualified as a barrister-at-law.

Before accepting the job as AG, Hood, while in private practice is said to have filed affidavits in support of Layne’s bid to get admitted to the judiciary.

The NNP leadership has been giving too many mixed signals  on its true position with respect to the so-called Bernard Coard Gang of Prisoners who are now out of prison and back in the society.

During the 2003-08 period in government, the then Mitchell administration was vehemently opposed to the Coard Gang being released from the Richmond Hill prison.

Prominent members of the government including Legal Affairs Minister, Elvin Nimrod made public statements intimating that they will not be releasing the defendants from prison despite an order from the Privy Council in London for a re-sentencing of the so-called “Men on the Hill”.

The sitting judge, Justice Francis Belle recalled in his ruling that Nimrod who was the AG at the time told a public meeting in Carriacou that even if the court said the Coard Group of Prisoners should be released that the New National Party is standing firm to keep them there.

The judge highlighted the relevant part of Nimrod’s statement which was reported verbatim in an affidavit filed by one Chester Humphrey, which had been copied from the New National Party’s Website.

It states: “We have spent millions of dollars to make sure that we protect this country. But is the opposition. The opposition that is fighting to release the people on the hill; let me say when the time comes, if the court decide that they must be released, let us make it clear that Keith Mitchell and the New National Party is standing firm to make sure that we keep them there, because they have committed crimes against our country, and we will do everything necessary and appropriate – because now, as of today we have employed the best legal minds to fight with the opposition because the opposition with Ruggles Ferguson, Peter David, Nazim Burke – they’re trying to release the guys on the hill. We are saying that we cannot afford to do this. We are fighting to keep them on the hill my dear people; help us to keep them there.”

These are the words that reflected the view of those wielding power within the NNP Camp.

Now today, at least one revolutionary member of the then Opposition who was accused of fighting to release “The Men on the Hill” is now a member of the Mitchell-led NNP outfit.

Furthermore, the very said persons who in the words of the NNP government “have committed crimes against our country” are now put in charge of a state farm by PM Mitchell and company.

The NNP signals are confusing – oppose Ewart Layne on one hand but give support to some of the remnants of the Revo on the other hand.

What is really happening? Is all the manoeuverings taking place only just politicking or part of the so-called new configuration called, “Project Grenada” in which the masses are kept in total darkness to achieve personal political ends?

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