Republic Bank Gives TAMCC a Gift of National Importance

After 10 years of beating by the elements of nature, the T.A. Marryshow Community College has a decent Mechanical Engineering Technology Building, thanks to Republic Bank.

Hurricane Ivan destroyed the building in 2004 and on Monday a ceremony was held to officially open the refurbished facility in which students can feel proud to function.

The stand alone building will facilitate classes in Fabrication Engineering Technology, Automotive Service Technology, Plumbing Technology and Building Trades and Services.

The assistance was given by the Bank under its Power to Make a Difference Programme in the sum of $101,850.

Managing Director of the bank, Keith Johnson said that this is more than just a refurbishment of a building; to the bank it’s an investment.

“An investmentwhich will influence the mind and help to shape the life of our sons and daughters who will pass through the institution of TAMCC in general but in particular, the Mechanical Engineering Department and help to meaningfully change their lives, providing them with life long opportunities to sustainable development for many years to come,” said Johnson.

“We see our contribution to this initiative as well invested and some of you might know that our contribution was in the vicinity of $100,000 but really you cannot quantify the value of the investment because any investment is supposed to grow and accumulate value over time and it is our expectation that that value will accrue, not only to those who will benefit directly from it but also accrue to the school, the community and the nation as a whole,” he continued.

Managing Director of the bank, Keith Johnson cuts the Ribbon to officially open the building

Managing Director of the bank, Keith Johnson cuts the Ribbon to officially open the building

Principal of the College, Jeffrey Briton said Republic’s Bank’s contribution impacts on the ongoing infrastructural development of TAMCC.

“This corporate sponsor has demonstrated its support to the vision and aspiration for the future of TAMCC.  Mr Johnson and his magnificent team recognize the paramount role TAMCC plays in Nation Building, this is the demonstration of the confidence they have in what we do,” he said.

Minister of Education, Hon Anthony Boatswain in addressing the gathering said that he is pleased to see that the college has found it fit to establish cooperation agreement with private institutions that can provide necessary support.

“I am so happy that Republic Bank has the vision and the foresight to take that and to come on board and partner with TAMCC in ensuring that we have a well functioning Mechanical Engineering Department,” the Minister said.

The building will officially house training classes in the new semester which begins in September.

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