Rehanna rocked San Fernando

Rehanna in Ryan BerkeleyThe crowd was in awe when Face of Grenada Winner, Rehanna Warren first stepped unto the runway with a piece by V’Wear by Vaughan.

Rehanna exceptionally represented her island, Grenada, at San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad, finale night held June 22nd at South NAPA.

Reviews from Caribbean Designer and Coordinator of Fashion Week, Derron Attz, stated that Rehanna received outstanding reviews.

The 6ft. beauty, walked the runway for six out of the nine designers who presented at Fashion Week, including Ryan Berkeley, Vaughan V’ Wear, Lauren Peters, Carrie Taylor, Adrian Foster, and Derron Attz.

Her trip was sponsored by recently launched company Roberts Caribbean Limited, the first ever company in Grenada to establish itself as a “one-stop” marketplace for complementary services and solutions in real estate and environmental and development consulting.

Dianne Roberts, CEO of Roberts Caribbean has commented on the importance of investing in culture, particularly events that contribute to the development of our nation’s youth.

According to Roberts, “As a company that offers environmental services, we truly commend the Face of Grenada initiative which encourages participants to embark on an environmental and community
development platform.”

Roberts also said that she will be assisting Rehanna and the Face of Grenada organisation in the development of a project to improve the Plains Playing Field in St. Patrick’s.”

The Roberts Caribbean team is very proud of Rehanna’s performance and is excited to continue to work with her.

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