Dr. Mitchell backs Police Promotion

Prime Minister and Minster of Finance Dr. Keith Mitchell believes that the recent promotion given to some police officers would not put a strain on the nation’s purse.

The promotion of 16 police officers was recently approved by the Public Service Commotion (PSC) that is headed by Attorney-at-law, Derrick Sylvester.

Eight Sergeants of police were promoted to the rank of Inspectors, four moved up to Superintends of police, while another four Inspectors were made Assistant Superintends of police.

Dr. Mitchell who was a guest on a religious radio program that is hosted by Pastor Stanford Simon of St. George’s Baptist Church at Springs was responding to concerns expressed by a caller to the program.

The caller felt that it is unfair for one section of the public
service to receive an increase in salary at a time when the Public Service unions have been approached by government for a wage freeze over the duration of the three -year lifespan of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP).

Dr. Mitchell argued that any increase for the police officers will be minimal as many for them have already been acting in the new rank that they have now been placed.

He said if someone is working in a segment and there is an understanding of the process then the person cannot be held back form an appointment that he deserves based on his performance just because there is a structural agreement program in place

“I don’t think it is fair to hold the persons back when it (is) just a minimum number of persons and the resources involved is just a small amount” he remarked.

When further quizzed by the host of the program about the true amount of the money that is being added to the salaries of the police officers,  Dr. Mitchell disclosed that is likely to be about three hundred dollars monthly for each officer.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the newly promoted officers were among a batch of persons who were in line for promotions following exams that were held under embattled Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson.

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