Deception on Conception by Teddy Victor

On Saturday June 28, 2014, Deception on Conception written by Teddy Victor was launched at UWI open campus in St George’s, Grenada.

Former Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas and former governor general, Sir Danny Williams and other prominent Grenadians joined family and friends of the late Teddy Victor to celebrate his life and this remarkable accomplishment.  Invitations were extended to the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Education but they did not attend or send representatives.

Deception on Conception explains how Grenada went from colonial rule with Chief Minister Eric Matthew Gairy, to Statehood, to Independence, to the People’s Revolutionary Government under Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, to American Invasion and return to Democratic rule all in less than 25 years.

Mr. Victor wrote,  ‘Grenada moved from Gary’s frying pan to NJM’s fire.. The island remained in that fire for four and a half years; by then the wrong had grown and multiplied and became intolerable.
Grenadians were forced to accept deliverance from a source and method that all and sundry would have thought obnoxious and inconceivable before.’  This book will also be marketed to readers outside Grenada who are puzzled as to the reason for the American Invasion.   How could such a tiny island in the Caribbean command the attention of two super powers?  This book will answer some of those questions.

As a founding member of the Jewel Movement, Teddy victor was targeted repeatedly by the Gairy regime. Gairy’s Secret Policemen searched his home in Vincennes twenty two times. On one occasion he wrote, ‘they pulled into my gap and rushed in. I managed to flee on foot and took refuge behind a palmiste tree.  I could hear my mother bawl. They left instructions with my mother.  “Tell Teddy to go and give himself up at the nearest police station because if we come back, we taking his head and leaving his body.” I was wanted for NO offence.’

In October 1980 Mr. Victor was the first member of the Jewel Movement imprisoned by the People’s Revolutionary Government.

Teddy a devout Catholic, believed in the evitable victory of truth over falsehood. He would surrender not one inch, in spite of guns and dungeon. He knew that words do not make revolutionaries and actions would indeed manifest and expose the wolves in sheep clothing.

He died in 2008 leaving his manuscript, a very detailed account of the breakdown of law and order starting with Gairy.

In the chapter titled The Silent Struggle he wrote about the behind the scenes disagreement between the founding members of the Jewel and the New Jewel Movement.

Working with an independent publishing company, his sister Barbara Pursoo   (coeditor) brings his powerful book to the public.

Deception on Conception is a political memoir/history. The cover features a map of Grenada. The sketch of Teddy Victor and the excerpt headlined ‘Sea of Discontent’   appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Reporter Tom E Hicks wrote “Teddy Victor has gone through colonialism, radicalism, Marxism and four years imprisonment in search of a better life for his people”.

The entire article is added as an appendix, since it is as relevant today as it was twenty eight years ago. Teddy Victor scribbled the name Deception on Conception on an envelope on his death bed.

The word Conception meaning from the beginning but also meaning Conception Island. Deception on Conception is Teddy Victor‘s account of a long turbulent, painful, but important period of his life in the history of Grenada.

This book will likely serve as auxiliary reading for Caribbean history and politics.  Every Grenadian should read this book, to appreciate the unsung heroes who lived and died seeking honesty and a voice. It’s an opportunity to step back before we move forward.

Deception on Conception by Teddy Victor is available in St George’s at Standard Book Shop, Grenville St.  Phone 440 4567, Grenada’s Teachers School Supplies, St John’s St, Phone 440 2828, RSRJ, Food Fair Shopping Centre, Grand Ante (next to Rick’s Café) and in Grenville at  Ms. Ali store

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