Marketing Board charting the way to 2020

Dame Cecile and a worker of MNIB unveiling the plaque at the Spice Basket

Dame Cecile and a worker of MNIB unveiling the plaque at the Spice Basket

A new, improved, tasked filled, effort enthusiast and quality driven Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) for 2020 is the objective of the management of the state-owned body.

The Board of Directors of MNIB presented their vision for 2020 through an insightful and futuristic Strategic Plan recently at the Spice Basket in the presence of Governor-General, Dame Cecile La Grenade and officials from the

According to the document, this new vision is to be realised through four strategic pillars- Increased in Product Supply stream, Viable and Robust Export Sector, Development of the Agro Processing Industry and Development of a Strong Meat Industry.

The objective of this plan is to make MNIB profitable, to serve the interest of the farmers and to develop the agricultural sector.

In an address at the launch, Chairman of the MNIB Board, Samuel Andrew said that the implementation of the strategic plan will seek to address the many misconceptions formed over the years about the organization that was formed during the 1979-83 period of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG).

“The board will increase its relevance to national growth and development by what we intend to do with regards to our strategic plan,” he said.

“Statutory bodies we believe should be profitable and we have taken up the responsibility to ensure that the board remains profitable overtime, so whatever we are going to do, profit maximisation or profit realisation would be something that we would focus on,” he added.

Andrew disclosed that the Strategic plan would be taking a direct approach to farmers as MNIB sees the need to have a closer working relationship with farmers.

“We want farmers to be paid for their produce, we want farmers to enter contractual relationships, we want farmers to get better prices, we want farmers to be able to improve their standard of living,” he told the gathering.

“We want consumers to understand their role in purchasing locally produced products from farmers, we want customers to get a wider range of products, namely in Grenada, produce by the same farmers, old farmers, young farmers,” he said.

Minister for Agriculture, Hon Roland Bhola applauded the Board for the efforts made to put some new structures in place.

“Based on the number of initiatives which are emanating from the MNIB presently we are seeing an MNIB which is much more focused, much more instructive and one that’s simply more result-oriented and there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that there is much greater commitment on the part of this institution to bring much more benefits to the hard working farmers of this country,” Bhola said.

Chief Executive Officer of the MNIB, Ruel Edwards who presented the plan noted that in its preparation, the team that did the work decided that it  needed something that resonates with farmers, commercial operators, the MNIB staff and stakeholders.

Edwards said one of the things that will be worked on is developing a brand for Grenada.

He said when produce gets on the international market it will be branded, product of Grenada or Produce Grenada.

“Having a step into the US market for sour sop, everybody has been trying to get it but Grenada’s sour sop carries a premium, it therefore means that the box should be labeled Grenada, when somebody sees the box, they should know

The MNIB, according to Edwards, is moving to upgrade its outlets to give customers a sense of ease when they are shopping.

“Every outlet must be modern, you must have a proper feel that when you go to shop, you suppose to love what you do, you suppose to love eating the fruits and vegetable and so the environment must complement the benefits that come with fresh produce,” he said.

Another objective of the new management team at MNIB  is to have all the products and produce taken from farmers to be available year round to the buying public.

“If we have Mammy Apple in season, you suppose to find Mammy Apple in MNIB, whatever is in season you suppose to find it at MNIB – this is the direction that we are heading in, if MNIB is unable to have a constant supply of produce as long as it’s in season, then we would have failed,” Edwards said.

In addition, he pointed out that part of the strategic plan and the new strategic direction is to ensure that local produce supply streams be increased and that commercial operators and farmers are the ones that will be targeted to achieve this goal.

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