Launch of Wizard Calypso Band tent

Social and political commentary.

This will be the hallmark of the calypso tent to be launched by Elwin McQuilkin known as The Black Wizard.

The tent will use the Deluxe Cinema in Grenville as its home base.

In an exclusive interview with The New Today Newspaper, the former national road march and soca monarch winner said his tent will have a mixture of good songs, good humour and a little Soca and Groove in between performances.

“If you look at the history of the Calypso band tent, when it comes to Dimanche Gras, we always dominate the Dimarnhe Gras in terms of numbers and the semi-finals also…”, he said.

“…Most of the time, we might not have much Soca people in tent but when it comes to social commentary, it has a good history of that,” he added.

Some of the Calyponians who will be attached to the tent are: Mr Ex, Darius, Teacher Eddie, Lakay, Small Axe, Bubbler, Scholar and Beast.

Black Wizard stated that he is pleased with the cast of kaiso singers who make up his tent and knows that patrons will not be disappointed with the content of the songs that will be put out by the various artistes.

“It is a team that people look forward to and usually when people talk about Calypso and when people come out to Calypso tents, they primarily want to hear social and political commentaries, that’s what kaiso is about,” explained Wizard.

“For instance you might hear a song about the criminalisation of Marijuana – that will be a social issue, political issue will be let’s say for instance the Structural Adjustment Programme,” he said.

According to Black Wizard, his team will exercise the mandate of a Calypsonian at the tent, which is to, educate, entertain and inform.

“A Calypsonian is an artist, a writer and a writer sees what the average persons cannot see and they put it across in a way that the average person cannot do, so they expect you to take the issue and critique it and make it entertaining at the same time, maybe something to point the way forward, so they are expected to deal with the issue so that they will educate people,” he told this newspaper.

The cost to enter the tent will be $20 and Wizard is calling on the public to come out and give their support.

“Give us the support in the Calypso band, Calypso band has resuscitated itself and in the past couple years Calypso band was a shadow of itself but now we’re coming back with full voltage and I can tell you that we have good calypso so people can come out and get the usual calypso band standard,” he said.

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