Flow Rhythms of Summer is calling for support

It will be a family picnic like affair at the Prickly Bay Marina next week as Flow Rhythms of Summer will showcase a number of local acts to sway the Grenadian public.

Gail Purcell - FLOW General Manager

Gail Purcell – FLOW General Manager

The event now into its 6th year is geared at giving Grenadian artistes a stage to put their talents on display

The official press launch of the event took place last Thursday at the Ministry of Works Conference room where the content of the event was laid out.

At an entry cost of $45, Flow Rhythms of Summer is carded for July 13th from 12 noon till sunset and will be featuring artistes like, Emily Rapier, Jenny J, Christel La Guerre, Tammy Baldeo, Paul Alexander, Algernon Belfon, Curtis St Bernard, Aiden Slinger and Tonka Being, Quiet Fire, Mathias and friends and the special guest being The Sean Thomas Quintet out of Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Event Coordinator, Matthias Williams the event is about encouraging and motivating the younger musicians in the country, as well as also developing musicians.

“We really want all Grenadians to come and hear what our people can do. I’m always encouraged by how excited the musicians in particular get when we do this event every time it comes around, whether they be young, whether they be old because I guess they feel supported and they feel that finally there is a forum that they can actually do their thing,” he said.

“…The show is well over 80-90% local – Shawn comes on and does his feature for an hour but the rest of show is local and it’s quality performances from the young as well as the old, the developing as well as the accomplished,” he added.
One of the performers on stage will be 17-year-old Emily Rapier who said that support from a local audience gives her and other artistes the kind of hope that is needed to make them believe that they can achieve more.

“We would love it, if people support us from outside but what would mean the most to us is the support we get from home when persons see you walking on the street and actually tell you, “great job or we’re proud of you and keep going”.

Emily Rapier

Emily Rapier

“…Knowing that you’re coming (to the show) on time because you want to see the locals, not because you’re coming two or three hours late because you know by that time the locals will be finished and that has happened to me and other performers so many times.

“…It’s not that it hurts us, we think it’s like habit but it would do nothing but push us to where you want to see us when you come out and support us.

Another performer and one of experience in the business, Aiden Slinger is also calling for support.

“Let us see a difference this time around of how Grenadians can appreciate Grenadians. We have been making this repetitive appeal all the time,” he said.

“The live band situation and live other instrument players are really clamouring to get the hog and the (appreciation) from our own people”, he added.

Title sponsor of the event and Country Manager of Flow Grenada, Gail Purcell, explained that what drives her company to support this event is the love it receives from the public.

“Ninety percent of it is a local event and the talent that I am seeing come out of it, I’ve been to everyone and I’ve never been disappointed. I am actually quite inspired by the quality of the performances, the talent and just the atmosphere that everybody walks away saying, it was a fantastic show. My only disappointment is that I want more people to experience what I have experienced over the years,” she said.

Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood is giving her full support for this event.
“Our culture, our art is something that we cherish, this is how you get to really go within yourself to understand who you are. If you do not know your culture, if you do not know your heritage, you cannot learn to appreciate it and you the artistes, you have a responsibility to engage the public to get them involve,” said Senator Hood.

On, July 10, the event will be showcased just as a hang out at the Venus Restaurant and Sports Bar at Grand Anse, St George’s where people will get a taste of what to expect on July 13, as well as get a chance to meet and greet the artistes.

There will also be a free workshop on July 10 at the T.A Marryshow Community College for developing and aspiring musicians.

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