Murdered and dumped in Mt Moritz

Alexander Clack - being escorted to court by law enforcement officers

Alexander Clack – being escorted to court by law enforcement officers

A 32-year old British national, Alexander Robert Clack has been charged by police in Grenada with the murder of his wife.

Clack who has Grenadian citizenship was officially charged on Friday, one day after police discovered the body of his wife, Nixiann Downes-Clack in a shallow grave in the hilly Mt. Moritz area of St. George’s.

THE NEW TODAY understand that the Briton, a former Field Officer attached to Amalgamated Security Services and who later formed his own security company, led police investigators to the location where the body was disposed.

An autopsy conducted on the body indicated that the 27-year old woman died of blunt force trauma and asphyxiation by strangulation.

Well-placed sources told this newspaper that the suspect signed a “confession statement” in which he told members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that he was responsible for the murder.

Clack alleged that he and his wife had started a quarrel after she threatened to take their two-year old daughter away from him and back to her family members in Resource, St. Mark’s.

He spoke of delivering an “upper cut” with his hand to the side of her head, and the wife fell down to the ground motionless.

Nexann Downes-Clack was believed to have met at her death at the hands of her British husband

Nexann Downes-Clack was believed to have met at her death at the hands of her British husband

Family members told several local media houses that the British man can be classified as a wife beater and abuser.

According to a source, Clack then called a 17-year old student that he was allegedly having an affair with to inform her about the incident in which the wife was killed.

The British man also summoned the baby sitter to meet him so that he can give her the child to hold for him.

Clack also allegedly told lawmen that he and the schoolgirl looked at several scenarios to get rid of the body.

The source said that the two of them drove from St. George’s to Grenville and came down on the Eastern side of the island to look at possible areas in which the body of the wife could be dumped.

Clack is said to have told police officers that he wanted to throw the body into the sea but the young girl advised against it on the grounds that it would wash up on the shores and be discovered at some point.

He claimed that the schoolgirl then suggested that they take the body to a plot of land that belonged to her family in Mt. Moritz and bury it.

He said the girl brought the fork, spade and other items for digging the hole.

Clack also told police officers that before the hole was dug, he and the girl scouted the area in Mt. Moritz to make sure that nobody was around before they dug the hole to prepare it for the body of his wife.

He then proceeded to the home at Calliste, placed the body of his diminutive wife in a suitcase, took it to his vehicle and proceeded to Mt. Moritz to place it into the shallow grave.

The murder accused then left the area and proceeded to the south of the island.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Clack refused to answer several calls that were made to his cell phone by police officers and family members who were investigating the disappearance of the missing woman.

The British national is said to have contacted a local attorney-at-law from his location in the south when he realized that the police dragnet was closing fast around him.

The schoolgirl who was detained by the police for questioning into the murder has since been released from custody by the police.

When Clack was brought to court on Monday morning, scores of curious onlookers flocked the courtyard to see the murder accused and to express their outrage about the manner in which the young lady lost her life.

Some of the onlookers shouted to Police Officers on duty to release the accused in the yard of the Magistrate’s court so they can “deal with him” as revenge for the murder of Nixiann Downes-Clack.

Screams of outrage could be heard as the mother of the deceased, Linda Downes shouted out aloud that her child did not deserve to die in the manner she did.

The mother fainted and family members assisted her to regain her composure.

Clack allegedly killed his wife last week Tuesday, the day of their sixth wedding Anniversary.

When he was picked up, at first he told police officers that he had killed his wife and buried her on a beach in the south of the island.

This information sent family and friends scouting the Quarantine area beach last Thursday to look for the body but with no luck.

He later confessed that the body was disposed in Mt. Moritz and took police officers to the shallow grave on the Thursday.

Officers returned to the crime scene on Friday morning, and dug up a black suitcase, measuring 3ft 6 ins wide and 3ft 8 ins in length from the hole.

Inside the suitcase was found the body of the young mother and wife of the murder accused.

Clack has since accused members of the Royal Grenada Police Force of beating him while in their custody.

His attorney, Anselm Clouden informed Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill during the first Court appearance of the murder suspect on Monday morning that his client informed him that he was beaten in the head by Police Officers last week Thursday.

Clouden requested of the court immediate medical evaluation of his client to determine the extent of the alleged injuries he sustained in custody as well as quick and full disclosure of information pertaining to the case.

The lawyer told the court that Clack is innocent and brushed aside reports that his client had confessed to police about the incident with his wife and her burial at Mt. Moritz.

Clack is due to return to court on July 10.

This latest homicide comes one week after an incident at Boca in St. George’s in which a husband, Dominic Cobb left his wife hospitalised and suffering from chop wounds to the head, back and foot before committing suicide.

Two weeks ago, 23-year-old Paul Chetram of Florida, St John was charged with the Murder of his brother 35-year-old Delon Harry of Tempe, St George after an argument over $40.00.

The death of Nixiann Downes-Clack has resulted in Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas issuing a statement in which she expressed condolences to the aggrieved family of the woman and encouraging people living in abusive or potentially abusive relationships to seek help.

Following is the text of the statement that was issued last week Friday by the senior government minister:

“I will like to express my regret and hurt, and extend condolence to the family and friends of Ms. Nixiann Clack, whose body was unearth from a shallow grave by the police on Friday.

Ms. Clack is suspected to have been the victim of domestic abuse and gender violence. We at the ministry take the welfare of every victim of gender violence seriously, and are working tirelessly to ensure that an efficient network continues to be in place to help all victims.

I want to tell everyone at risk, that there is no need to stay in any abusive or potentially abusive situations, and that our department is equipped more than ever, to deal with any reported instances.

The network we have put in place deals with all cases on their merit; with sensitivity, effectiveness and assurance. The death of Ms. Clack follows closely on the maiming of another woman just over a week ago in Boca.
Each case of gender violence is one too many.

Each case diminishes the worth of all of us. All at-risks person must feel free to call our 911 systems to report any concern. Our field officers have been mandated to react immediately to any report – with our commitment being to work around the clock to ensure the safety of our men, women and children”.

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