PWU reacts to NIS ‘hair cut’

Public Workers’ Union has listened to the press briefing by the Minister responsible for Communications and Works on Tuesday, June 17th 2014 where he stated that the Government of Grenada has submitted proposal to the National Insurance Scheme for a “haircut” in respect to Government’s indebtedness to the National Insurance Scheme.

While Public Workers’ Union has not seen the proposal submitted by Government, the Union is very uncomfortable with any interference with the National Insurance Scheme as Public Officers are already disenfranchised by the Scheme based on the fact that the law was not adjusted to bring their benefits in line with those granted by the state.

Public Workers’ Union would like to request of Government not to consider as part of the structural adjustment programme the National Insurance Scheme, especially at this time when the unemployment situation is taking a toll on the financial position of the scheme.

Public Workers’ Union is concern about Government Employees joining the service after 4th April 1983 that are not receiving pensions from Government and will have to depend on pensions from the National Insurance Scheme. Any request for “hair cut” that will threaten the viability of the National Insurance Scheme and put at risk the provision of pensions for such officers should not be considered at this time.

The Public Workers’ Union is not in support of the request for a “hair cut” and is therefore asking the Government to reconsider its position in an effort to protect these workers benefits.

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