Tragedy in Boca!!!

Dominic Cobb - took his own life after  chopping up his wife

Dominic Cobb – took his own life after
chopping up his wife

A dispute over land could have sparked off last Saturday morning’s incident at Boca in St. George’s in which 51-year old Dominic Cobb attempted to kill his wife with a cutlass after inflicting several chop wounds on her and moments later hanged himself committing suicide.

THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday spoke to the injured woman, Roslyn Cobb who was resting comfortable at the Surgical Ward at the St. George’s General Hospital.

According to Mrs. Cobb, the relationship with her husband started to go downhill several months ago after he allegedly tried to trick her own mother at Westerhall in St. David’s of one acre of land.

She said the matter was brought to the attention of the court and was at the stage of Mediation when Cobb decided not to pursue the case and handed back the one-acre plot of land to her mother.

She spoke of not being in agreement with the manner in which her husband had sought to gain possession of the land from her mother since he kept the transaction away from her.

She told this newspaper that the night before the incident, her husband was constantly quarrelling about the land and accusing her of being a fool for not supporting him on his attempt to take control of the land.

Undertakers from Otway/Bailey Funeral home removing the body from Boca

Undertakers from Otway/Bailey Funeral home removing the body from Boca

The wife said that Cobb was contending that he was doing it for their children but the injured woman said that her mother also had other children who had to benefit from the lands at Westerhall.

She stated that the relationship with her husband had deteriorated to the point that the Police had to be called in on several occasions including a week ago to issue warnings to Cobb who often made threats to her.

Mrs. Cobb disclosed that on the morning of the incident, she was at the back of the house washing clothes for the children when she heard a noise like someone sharpening a cutlass.

The mother of three said that she did not give much attention to what was happening since she never suspected that her husband was getting ready to use the cutlass on her.

She said that Cobb came from behind and caught her totally off guard as he ambushed her and started to chop her on the head and body.

She started to run and the husband used the cutlass to cut her on the foot. She ran across the road and up the steps to a neighbour’s house as the husband came after her.

Cobb halted and turned back with the cutlass in hand. The police were alerted about the incident and came onto the scene.
The body of the deceased was later found hanging from a cashew tree on a riverbank behind the Roman Catholic school in Boca.

Cobb reportedly used a cement rope to tie a knot around his head in order to hang himself.
Several residents in the area did not speak too kindly about the deceased.

His own mother told THE NEW TODAY that she was not on speaking terms with her son since he set fire to her house about 10 years ago and burnt it flat to the ground.

The 73-year old lady said that in keeping with Christian traditions she had forgiven him for the wrong committed against her because this was the wish of the Good Lord.

The mother said that Cobb’s wife had informed her that on one occasion she heard her husband boasting that he “smoked” her (the mother) out of the house.

The wife confirmed to this newspaper that she did inform her mother-in-law about what she had heard her husband saying one day on the verandah about the fire that destroyed her house at Boca.

Cobb was often seen outside a hardware store in the River Road area with a small van that he used to transport goods for persons.

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