Opposition to ‘White In The Moonlight’ at Progress Park

The permission granted by local authorities to have the mega soca show, “White in The Moonlight” held at Progress Park in Grenville, St. Andrew’s is not going down well with former Minister of Sports, Patrick Simmons.

‘White in The Moonlight’ which was held in recent years at Moonlight City in La Potrie, was forced to look for a different venue as the owner of the place has given it to another promoter.

Simmons who served as Sports Minister in the 2008-13 National Democratic Congress (NDC) government told a radio talk show program that under the former administration, a policy decision was taken to have Progress Park used for a variety of sporting disciplines rather than just cricket.

He said Progress Park which is also used for football and athletics is currently accepted by the West Indies Cricket Board as an international ground for cricket.

“I think it would be a bad decision for the Ministry (of Sports) to give any promoter the opportunity to host a show like White in the Moonlight,(and) to have activities like that at Progress Park,” he added.

White in the moonlight is scheduled to take place on August 9.

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