Grouping of Civil Society Organisation

Civil Society Organizations takes the opportunity to present to the general public a summary of its actions and engagement with the Government of Grenada over the period April 2013-May 2014:

1. Post election 2013 – Letter to the Prime Minister to offer congratulations on his victory at the polls and to express willingness to promote greater civic awareness and good governance in the country.

2. Committee of Social Partners: CSO accepted government’s invitation to engage on the Committee of Social partners a member. Ms. Judy Williams representing the CSO signed the Social Protocol signaling the intent of the CSO Grouping to participate in the development of a Social Compact.

Members of CSO participated in all public national fora organised by the Committee which addressed issues of: –

– National debt highlighting issues of poor management/governance.

– Livelihoods and sustainable development highlighting issues of inclusion/support for rural producers

Productivity and Competitiveness

The proposed Structural Adjustment Programme

3. Social Compact: The CSO Grouping made significant input to the development of the Social Compact to ensure its adherence to international obligations and conventions including commitment to the achievements of Millenium Development Goals, Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

The CSO focus was on:-

– People centered development

– Sustainable livelihood and sustainable development.

4. Engagement with IMF Mission: CSO engaged the IMF delegations to Grenada on at least three (3) of their visits and raised concerns about Grenada’s debt crisis and structural adjustment. Based on prior experience with structural adjustment CSO presented their concerns on issues of governance, accountability and monitoring mechanisms.

CSO also presented recommendations to the social partners regarding governance and monitoring mechanism for what is termed “Homegrown Structural Adjustment Programme”.

5. Recommendations for a National Development Plan: CSO made recommendations to government and Social Partners for a national development plan which should involve the entire country as the 3 year structural adjustment programme is a short term fix which will not address real issues.

6. Response to the 2008 Country Poverty Assessment Report: CSOs’ response to the 2008 Country Poverty Assessment report was – the development of an Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy and Management Action Plan: whose core values are:

Equity and social justice

Gender Equity

Increase self reliance and reduce independence

Inclusiveness and participation

Good governance and accountability

Sustainable development

7. Advocacy re the Tyrell Bay Marina Development: The Carriacou Mangrove Oyster Bed Protection Committee approached the CSOs for advocacy support in relation to the Tyrell Bay Marina Development and its intrusion into the marine protected area.

CSOs raised the issue at the level of the social partners, met with the Prime Minister and the Minister with responsibility for Carriacou and Petit Martinique affairs and raised issues relating to the negative impact of the project on Sustainable livelihoods of the community

The marine protected area

Implications for Grenada for technical and funding support from international agencies.

8. Concerns re Conflict of Interests: CSO articulated its concerns in respect of conflict of interest and holders of public office with particular reference to

Integrity Commission

Citizenship by investment programme including inward investment Ambassadors

Financial Intelligence Unit

9. Meeting with MESICIC Team: CSO met with OAS team during their first assessment visit to Grenada on matters relating to Grenada’s implementation of the Convention on the Prevention of Corruption.

The assessment focused on:-

the oversight body for prevention, detecting and punishing acts of corruption from a civil society perspective.

Mechanisms for the participation of civil society access of the public to information

10. Constitution Reform: CSO was invited to have a representative on the constitution reform advisory committee. Through its representative, CSO took responsibility to – organise and support the holding of community public fora.

CSO also submitted the following issues for inclusion on the constitution reform agenda

Elections – campaign financing and fixed date for general elections.

Gender – main streaming of gender in the constitution

Protection of the Natural Environment – constitutional guarantees for ecological sustainability, right to sustainable future, protection of the commons and right to the commons

Governance: – a cut off date, once elections are announced about decisions that can be taken in respect of the country’s assets.

Public Accounts Committee – addressing the delay and lag in the work of the PAC.

Accountability and Liability of Ministers of government and other public officers –

Separation of Powers – more clarity required

Public debt ceiling – a ceiling for the public debt.

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