Calabash to undergo multi-million dollar upgrade

Calabash Grenada will be closing during August and September to extensively upgrade the resort.

A release from the hotel said the multi-million dollar project will bring the standards at the five-star resort to an increased level of luxury and improve its quality of service.

The all-suite resort, which also features five top end villas, attracts high-end travellers due to its reputation for combining five star service and luxury within a relaxed and intimate environment.

“We understand that our competition are luxury resorts worldwide, and with standards so high, we want to make sure that Calabash is constantly pushing forward to stand with the best in the world. We strongly believe in the importance of upgrading the resort during our closure periods each year”, said Adele Garbutt of the owning family and also one of the resort’s Directors.

Over the past 20 years we have invested an average of $1M per year, however this year we are undertaking our largest and most exciting project”, he added.

Calabash will close from August 2 to October 4 in order to renovate several areas around the 27-acre property, including their One Bedroom Pool Suites which each feature a private pool and sunbathing deck.

The entire suite category will be completely redesigned with the finished product exuding elegance and style.

Rhodes Restaurant will also benefit from new furniture and a new design, offering diners a new level of comfort and style.

The boutique resort’s beach furniture will also be upgraded giving the entire location a new, sophisticated look.

Calabash is the only hotel in the Caribbean to feature the unique and gracious service of breakfast in-suite.

CalabashCalabash has always considered the environment in all decision-making processes, and this upgrade project is no exception.

Throughout the property energy efficient air conditioning units will be fitted and there are plans the complete the resorts existing solar power project.

“Visitors come to Grenada because if its pure and beautiful surroundings, so it is our duty to constantly find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and to preserve our island’s natural beauty.” said Garbutt.

The resort will also redesign its “Heart of House” to streamline the staff working areas in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency.

This project also covers extensive staff training for the 90 employees at Calabash.

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