The Beacon ‘class of excellence’

Donan Noel

Donan Noel

It was another proud moment for the privately run Beacon Learning Centre at Belmont in St. George’s as the school swept nine of the top ten  places in the 2014 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

In 2009, the school, which was started by Principal Cheryl Bernabe-Bishop, created a first when it copped the first five in the exams held for primary school students who want to enter into secondary schools.

When THE NEW TODAY visited the school on Tuesday afternoon, moments after the results were officially released by the Ministry of Education, loud shouts of joy and jubilation reverberated the walls and surroundings of Beacon as news spread about the recording breaking performance.

The top place in this year’s exams went to Leondre Joseph and Donan Noel who tied for first position with 492 points.

Leondre will proceed to the Beacon Secondary School when the new school year begins in September while Donan will attend the Presentation Brothers College (PBC).

There was also a tie for third position with a score of 490 points involving Jadia Adams and Jaydon Paul.

Jaydon Paul

Jaydon Paul

Adams has chosen St Joseph’s Convent, St George as her secondary school and Jaydon will head to PBC.

Three students from Beacon were also engaged in a tie for the fifth position with 488 points – Christel Bibby, Breanna Salfarlie and Terique Thomas.
Christel will be attending Beacon High School in September, Breanna  has chosen St Joseph’s Convent, St George; and Terique has enlisted with PBC.

The eight position was secured by Daniel Berkeley of Alpha Junior who will attend the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS).

The domination of the exams by Beacon students continued with Renee Sandy securing the ninth position with 484 points. Renee will attend the Beacon High School.

In addition to securing the top nine positions in the CPEA Exams, Beacon maintained its 100% pass rate, and 18 of its students finished within the top 50 places throughout the

An elated  School Principal told The New Today that the results had not surprised her as the aim in preparing the students was to get as many of them to take the top ten positions.

Bernabe-Bishop described the students from her school who wrote the exams on May 16 as a “class of excellence.”

She said there was always a high level of competition among the students in the classroom with the lowest grade in the class going into the exams in excess of 80%.

Christel Bibby

Christel Bibby

The school principal said that amidst her challenges of keeping the school afloat, her constant inner voice was to constantly celebrate with her students.

With God as the foundation for the school and their teachings, Bernabe-Bishop pointed out that before, during and after the CPEA Exams, she was always confident that something good was going to take place.

“Expect ties, look out”, she reportedly warned her two Grade Six teachers – Anesta Scott and Karene Gittens.

The elated school principal referred to the entire class of Grade Six students this year as young ones with passion, as well as humble and passionate about their school work and blessed with supportive parents.

According to Bernabe-Bishop, last year was a bit disappointing for Beacon as the school only managed to secure the sixth position among the top 10 but is satisfied that it is back on top with full conviction.

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