Five Million dollars from Mexico

Mexico has promised to provide 5 million dollars to help Grenada build its new modern Parliament building.

This was disclosed by Prime Minister Dr.Keith Mitchell at a recent post- Cabinet press briefing held at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens in St. George’s.

The Prime Minister said that the commitment received from the Mexicans is in addition to the assistance promised earlier by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the construction of the Parliament building.

He told reporters that Grenada could now move forward aggressively since all the funds are now in place to have a permanent home for the Parliament.

Grenada was forced to look for additional funding for the Parliament when the Government of Australia announced a few months ago that it had decided to renege on an earlier commitment to provide $5 million Australian to the previous Tillman Thomas-led Congress government for the project.

A disappointed Prime Minister Mitchell said he had to relay to the Aussies government the disappointment with which St. George’s viewed the action of the new government in Australia.

“I had to point out to the Australian new High Commissioner (in Trinidad & Tobago), the disappointment that the country went through when they had to as he pointed out based on their own internal financial situation with the changing of government in the process of the last 2 years, made a decision to reduce aid in most parts of the country and to try to improve their economic activity in their country as a whole,” Dr Mitchell said.

“I pointed out that it was with great astonishment that we heard and learnt of their decision not to proceed. I had to make the point that we are now looking at alternative sources,” he added.

The island has been forced to use the Trade Centre at Morne Rouge in Grand Anse to hold sittings of Parliament since 2014 when Hurricane Ivan destroyed York House on Church Street, overlooking the city, which has been the home to Parliament and sittings of High Court No. 1, and the Court of Appeal.

According to PM Mitchell, the Mexican government has also agreed to rebuild the national library on the Carenage, which has been closed for a number of years because of conditions to the building.

“As you know, this is crucial as far as our whole education system is concerned. It (also) has something to do with the image of the interest of the government in the educational development of the country on a whole,” he remarked.

In addition, the Mexican government has also agreed to support Grenada in disaster awareness and to provide technical and other forms of material support to help with disaster.

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