Vital Signs Monitor for Pediatrics

The Pediatrics Department of the St. George’s General Hospital has received a Dinamap machine from the Pediatrics Club of St George’s University (SGU).

The machine was handed over at an official ceremony held at the hospital in the presence of a number of representatives of the Pediatrics Department.

President of the SGU Pediatric Club, Katherine Mercer presented the machine to the hospital and praised the efforts of Pediatrics Consultant, Dr Beverley Nelson who accepted the machine on behalf of the hospital.

“We have been working closely with Dr Nelson since we started the club helping to donate whatever we could to the pediatric ward at the hospital,’ she said.

In accepting the machine, Dr. Nelson said: “… I know all of you had a role to play in acquiring this machine and I’m saying that because of all the emails that we’ve had over the last few months in terms of exactly what we needed on the ward.

“…It’s so nice to have a group like this, they’re very interested in Pediatric, they’ve come to the ward on many occasions to round with us and on several occasions they’ve asked us to share with them our needs and this is not the first time that they’ve given to our Department so we’re really very thankful,” she remarked.

Dr. Nelson noted that the piece of equipment provided can enhance the level of health care to be provided to her patients at the hospital.

She said: “Now this piece of equipment comes with various size cups so it can be used for patients under the age of 30 days all the way up to teenage. It’s great to have this and we’re going to use it soon enough and I’m really thankful to all of you, for all of the efforts you must have put in for acquiring this for us”.

Senior Nursing Staff in the Pediatrics Department, Theresa Wilkinson noted that the machine is an upgraded one to what the department had before.

The machine is intended to allow for faster and more accurate assessment of a patients’ vitals so that health can be administered in a timelier manner.

The Dinamap is an all-in-one vital machine that takes blood pressure, temperature and pulse Oximetry.

It has blood pressure cuff sizes allowing medical personnel to use the same machine on all pediatrics patients.

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