Transnemwil supports police week

Despite the tough economic and financial times facing businesses in the country, Trans-Nemwil Insurance (G’da) Ltd has come forward to offer assistance to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to host its annual Police Week activities.

The insurance company has handed over a cheque for $10,000 to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Franklyn Redhead.

Police week will be celebrated from June 1-7 under the theme, “RGPF and you working strategically towards safer communities”.

Chairman of Police Week activities, Superintendent Rodriques James who was on hand to witness the handing over of the cheque expressed delight in getting the funds from Trans-Nemwil, which has been contributing to the Week of Activities for over a decade.

“We are very grateful to Trans-Nemwil for the support they have been giving towards Police Week. No doubt the staging of Police Week calls for a lot of resources especially financial resources and in these difficult times, it’s so good that we continue to have the support of Trans-Nemwil,” Supt James said.

“As you know Police Week and the activities leading up to Police Week are intended for specific purposes – to lift the profile of the force, to enhance the relationship between the public and the police – and we are trying desperately despite all the challenges to ensure that we have a successful police week 2014,” he added.

Deputy Commissioner Redhead assured Trans-Nemwil that the money would be used in the best way possible.

Redhead also used the occasion to announce that crime has been on the decrease in the country and that RGPF was on top of things.

“Crime in Grenada has contracted by 10% in 2013, so we have seen downturns in most of the major crime categories for 2013 and that can be attributed to the nature of our society as well as the hard work and efforts of the RGPF”, he said.

“….Nevertheless as the Chairman (Supt James) has stated we want to use Police Week and the activities surrounding Police Week as a vehicle to really highlight some of the issues that concerns our society and law enforcement in Grenada and principally the issue of sexual offences and domestic violence is something that has to be addressed in a holistic way…”, he remarked.

According to Deputy Commissioner Redhead, the lawmen intend to use the Week of Activities to bring sensitivity to the above issues and to see “how we as a state can further suppress these kinds of activities”.

“The support of corporate partners like Trans-Nemwil, is critical in terms of moving the process along and bringing sensitivity to these issues and of course adding value to what we’re doing as a Police institution relative to how we can address the wider issues of the nation,” he told the ceremony.

General Manager of Trans-Nemwil Insurance, Ronald Hughes who also spoke pointed out that the continuous assistance given to RGPF over the years is mainly due to the fact that the insurance company recognises that the police cannot do everything on their own.

“The police force cannot operate effectively or efficiently in isolation, they need the support of corporate Grenada as well as the wider society to really effectively do their job,” he said.

“They get criticise for a lot of things but very often like us in insurance the good that you do very often goes unrecognised, it is when something negative happens it hits the media and all the hard work that you have been doing for years is tarnished”, he added.

Hughes described as “an important gesture” the initiative undertaken by his insurance company “to support the police in their outreach to the society and the wider community, to embrace and gain the confidence of the wider society in order to effectively do their job”.

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