Police give brand name shoes to students

St George’s Anglican Junior, St George’s Methodist and the South St George Government schools are recipients of Class D Reebok Shoes from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Members of the CID held a presentation last Wednesday at their headquarters to hand over shoes, valued at over E.C $

The CID officers with the gifts to be handed over

The CID officers with the gifts to be handed over

3,000.00 to selected students as part of their community policing initiative.

Officer-in-charge of CID, Superintendent Trevor Modeste is hopeful that the initiative will change the mindset of young people so that they can become better persons in the future.

“These gifts which we are giving today should or we hope, will help them to change in their mode of dress, in their mode of conduct and to look at CID as mentors so that we would have a better community in the future,” he said.

Supt Modeste would like the CID gesture to the students to help foster good community relations, as well as reduce crime and by extension, create a kind of synergy within the Department and by extension the police force with the public in terms of working together.

The senior police officer said that his department was able to raise money from a cruise held, dubbed “Crème de la crème” in order to enable the lawmen to purchase the shoes.

He urged the students to become “the crème de la crème of society” as a result of the gifts given to them.

According to Supt. Modeste, the CID is hopeful that the donated shoes will encourage the children to attend school, so that the society can be filled with well-rounded men and women.

“We want less crimes and we want to have good people – we want to have young men and women who would dress properly, not with their pants under their bottom and their skirts that you can see their private parts. We need to make sure that we change the concept of thinking within the people of our society,” he told those attending the ceremony.

“You might hear young people saying before or mature people how immaculate Police Officers look in their uniform, shoes well shined, pants well pressed etc – that’s what we want to inculcate into the students,” he said.

Supt. Modeste disclosed that the next major initiative to be undertaken by his men and women will be in the next school year.

Over the years, RGPF has initiated Community Policing to bring the force closer to the Grenadian society.

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