Chester Humphrey at it again!!

This article was first published on January 8, 2008 as a Perspective of the New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell

Once again, Mr. Chester Humphrey, just like his Brethren in Ciboney Chambers is desperately seeking attention in his goal of attempting to discredit the NNP. His gigantic ego blinds him from the foolishness of his actions. The sickening reality of Mr. Humphrey’s cowardliness is that he continues to miss his intended target which is the NNP Party. However, he mindlessly inflicts damage on the NDC and the workers that he professes to care about.

Mr. Humphrey’s claim that two Jamaicans connected to the NNP are interfering with the voters list is not only false and irresponsible…it is downright criminal. He is also implicating citizens from within the Caribbean region thereby promoting insularity and division. It is really pathetic that ingrates like him would take free speech to a new level and become abusive, obnoxious and unpatriotic in his desperate pursuit for attention and power.

He obviously wants to be able to beat his chest “Boom” and say: “I’m giving NNP fire.” He has decided to plant rumors, allegations, or Red-herrings. Characters like Chester Humphrey will go to any limit to tarnish the good name of Grenada in order to achieve their objective. Mr. Humphrey continues to fail and fail miserably in his mischievous undertakings but still he keeps going on and on and on…

Grenada is proud of its electoral record. The international and regional communities have hailed Grenada as a model of free and fair elections. The credibility of the electoral process is a staple of our Democracy. Mr. Humphrey, who openly advocates Marxist-Leninist principles, obviously has another agenda in mind. In the PRG days he would have been described as a “Lumpen element” and cast aside or sent “uphill.”

The Government of the NNP has been steadfast in upholding its responsibility of good governance to the people of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique and as such continues to defy the “lets make Grenada Ungovernable” call advanced by key elements in the leadership of the NDC. The NNP promises that it will not allow disruptive opposition forces wishing to disturb the peace, stability and prosperity which we currently enjoy to go unchallenged.

If Mr. Chester Humphrey wishes to do Grenadians and the people who pay him justice, he would relent and open his union books to the scrutiny of an audit…Be Transparent!

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