Not even fit for a dog!!!

I live in Carriacou and I regularly collect things from the Harvey Vale boat.  I observed on more than one occasion, that the fish and chicken sent from Grenada to the schools which have to be prepared for the children are usually in a very downgrading state especially the fish, which seems to be already beginning to thaw out.  Not only that the fish is exposed to the elements because what is supposed to be covering it, is all torn apart.  We all know that fish is something which should be handled with extreme care.

After noticing this for some time, I decided to prepare my children’s lunches. I am not prepared to wait for a disaster to happen to my children then they send the Counselor to comfort me.  I have four pet dogs, and I would not give them the fish to eat.  It is a shame, a burning shame.  Our children are human beings, they are  not pigs, dogs or fowls.

Another issue issue is this.  The time items are released from the boat is quite late.  I made it my duty to find out if there is a storage facility to put them, the response was no.  So after they begin to thaw out on the boat, they are then driven around the island to the various schools to be stored at their facilities. This is CRAZY!  I heard that the principals and other teachers have to be pulled out from their beds as late as eleven and twelve o’ clock at nights to get to their schools.

What is happening in Carriacou?  Where are the officials in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs?  I am quite sure the Permanent Secretary, Education Officer, Senator and the Parliamentary Representative are aware of this situation.  Can they do something to treat our teachers and pupils better?

My other questions.  What are the principals doing about this problem?  Why are they allowing this to go on for so long?  Do they eat the food?

I believe, that as a parent/concerned citizen, the fish and chicken can be shipped via the Osprey lines.  Despite what people may say, the boat gets to Carriacou early enough so that the schools can receive the items within school hours. I am pretty sure that the items will be received in a state suitable for human consumption.

Too many times, we wait until situations which can be avoided put us in embarrassing situations before they are addressed.  After the ‘negative’ happens then we run around as ‘mad ants’ to fix things.  Only that time, it is too late.  I always believe that prevention is better than cure.


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