Belle Vue resident upset with MP Clement

Elvin Fortune – not happy with the work done near his home

Elvin Fortune – not happy with the work done near his home

A resident of Bellevue in St George North-east is upset with his Parliamentary Representative, Tobias Clement whom he has accused of engaging in work in the area that threaten the safety of his house.

Elgin Fortune visited the office of The New Today newspaper last week Thursday to complain about the failure of the MP to build a wall he had promised to put in place for the safety of his family.

The issue surrounds a project being undertaken by MP Clement to construct a road in the Belle Vue area.

According to Fortune, while the road is a welcomed initiative, its construction is threatening the safety of the home of the family.

“Mr. Tobias Clement opened a road for us but he came in too far and he left a bank where we have to pass to go to our house. He didn’t cut a road for us to go at our house, we have to pass on a 12 inch piece of road, myself, my wife and my children,” he said.

“The problem is now, my lady almost fell, she had to grab a pipe iron, my grandson almost fell over, and his mother had to grab ahold of him. When rain comes we have to stay inside because we can’t walk on the slippery bank,” he added.

Fortune spoke of paying several visits to the Constituency Office of his Parliamentarian but the issue still remains unresolved.

He said the MP told him to bring in an estimate for the work that was needed to rectify the problem but although this has been done Clement has not addressed the problem.

“We went to the Minister the first Wednesday in last month (April 2nd 2014) he told me to bring an estimate for him, I did the estimate. I went the next week to see him, his Personal Assistant said they would not be doing any work on the road, I have to do it for myself so it makes no sense giving her the estimate.

The bank that was left behind by the construction workers

The bank that was left behind by the construction workers

“I went back the next Wednesday again and he told me he asked for an estimate, I gave him the estimate, (he) said he was going to get back to me the Friday but I told him I couldn’t come because I was making a day work so we went back the next Wednesday.

“When I went back the next Wednesday the Personal Assistant told me he wasn’t there, he was going to be back on the 17th (April). I met the lady and the lady said it doesn’t make any sense. I said my house was going to come down, she said that’s not my business”.

Fortune said he took the issue to the Office of the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in the Ministry of Works who visited the site along with Clement’s Personal Assistant.

According to the homeowner, the CTO agreed that a wall had to be constructed to ensure the safety of the house.

Fortune said that the wall has not been built and his MP is now accusing him of harassment.

THE NEW TODAY tried to contact MP Clement on the issue but was told that he was not in office.

However, the Personal Assistant was reached and she said: “Mr. Fortune is saying a lot of things that are not true so I will not be making any comments”.

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