Otway-Noel explains Pure Grenada

Minister for Tourism, Alexandra Otway-Noel has sought to come to the aid of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) that is currently under fire on the rebranding issue.

Speaking at the recent official opening of Sandals LaSource hotel at Point Salines, the tourism minister said the change was made in order to provide a private sector approach to marketing and managing Grenada’s tourism product.

She pointed out that millions of dollars have been spent on the branding of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique that is now being marketed under the grand name, “Pure Grenada”.

She said the change in brand name was done because local tourism officials felt that the country needed to be positioned as “off the beaten path” and a haven for the discerning travel explorer.

The senior government minister told the gathering that included the most high profile hoteliers on the island and business executives that the new brand captures everything that Grenada has to offer.

“The nature and the beauty is of course the focal point, our friendly people, we have so many attributes, Pure Grenada, the Island of Spice, that’s our new brand, we love it, we’ve embraced it and everyone around the world has been saying it’s perfect – simple, beautiful,” said Otway-Noel.

GTA had simple selected “Pure Grenada” as the new brand.

There are unconfirmed reports that the old “Isle of Spice” slogan was ordered to be part of the branding by Cabinet in the face of opposition from many persons on the island.

According to Minister Otway-Noel, Grenada has always been known as the Isle of Spice and this has been ingrained as one of the country’s cultural identity, which she said would never change.

“Promoting a destination however is a different pursuit and it requires an identity that supports our high-end marketing position and all the assets that enable us to compete in the global market place: pure romance, pure diving, pure adventure, pure sailing, pure pristine beaches and the list goes on and on,” she said.

“Our brand embrace the assets we hold dear to our hearts – clean air, clean water, our lush green forests, clear oceans, our friendly people, our rich heritage and culture, delicious food, the safe environment that we are so very proud of and now this magnificent resort added to the list”, she added.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who also addressed the official opening ceremony for the resort echoed the sentiments of the Minister by saying that there are no intentions of selling the Isle of Spice brand to anyone else.

“It was our intention that our re-branding of “Pure Grenada – the Isle of Spice (was intended) to universally capture all elements of our tourism product”, he said.

“…We are not selling the Isle of Spice, no one should attempt to spread that type of propaganda – the Isle of spice will always be that of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique,” he added.

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