Modeste-Curwen defends the health sector

The 14-month old New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has denied claims made in opposition quarters about medical gas (Oxygen) shortage at the General Hospital in St. George’s.

Health Minster Dr Clarice Modeste Curwen was forced to defend the government in the wake of reports circulating throughout the country that a fire at the hospital destroyed the recently installed oxygen plant.

“…The lies, they are not necessary”, said Dr. Modeste-Curwen, a Cuban-trained medical expert.

She told reporters that “idle gossip can bring fear not only in locals but in the people who visit Grenada”, adding that, “there is no need for that – we are doing our best”.

The minister expressed fears that “nuisance talks” can prove to be dangerous and can instill fear in people.

Dr Modeste Curwen assured the nation that there was absolutely no problem with the oxygen plant at the General Hospital.

She said there was a small fire scare in close proximity to the oxygen plant but the facility was not affected and the plant continues to operate without problems.

The installation of the oxygen plant at the General Hospital was seen by the NNP regime as a major investment at the hospital.

Government has indicated that the plant can result in savings of approximately EC$1 million in medical gas expenses per annum.

The Unit which cost in excess of EC $650,000.00 was installed near to the current

Minister Modeste-Curwen told reporters that her administration has been trying to do its best to ensure a satisfactory supply of medical supplies for the country.
She complemented her medical staff, which she said was working very hard in a number of areas.

Health Minister says oxygen plant fire is nothing more than idle gossip

Health Minister says oxygen plant fire is nothing more than idle gossip

The senior government minister recalled listening to a programme of a local radio station where persons called in and made false allegations about a shortage of medical supplies within the health services.

She also said that she would never make a promise to the nation that everything will always be in order in terms of the health needs of the country.

“At no time would I promise the Grenadian nation that we would always have everything we need given the economic circumstances and given the fact that healthcare is costly…”, she said.

“…There would be times when we do not have, but we have been at the very best in terms of supply for the last many years in the history of Grenada”. She added.

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