Grenada PM shocked

Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell was in shock over the news of the murder of Trinidad Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal.

Mitchell, Prime Minister responsible for science and Technology for Caricom, was at a training workshop on technopreneurship in the Caribbean at Grafton Beach Resort in Tobago.

He said he only learnt of the news when the Express  questioned him on the matter.

“Clearly it must be concerning to every citizen of this country because she is known to be a strong voice on the issue  of law and the Caribbean as a whole, so it is a troubling announcement you have  just given me,” said Mitchell.

He said the whole issue of crime in the region needs to be dealt with.

“Because clearly any incident that occurs in any one country in the region does send a negative message about the state of crime in the region on a whole and particularly when one is seen as having a strong voice speaking out on issues of crime.”

And on protection of the Caribbean’s borders, Mitchell said these matters are being addressed at this time.

“We have been attempting to work together very closely in uniting our security apparatus throughout the region. We are now looking at the immigration issue, how we can work even closer  using technology that we have. Our customs officials have been working so we have to deepen our cooperation.”

In offering Grenada’s sympathy to the Seetahal family, he said crime must be confronted head-on.

“Special sympathy to her family and her loved ones and to the people of Trinidad and Tobago because they must be affected.

“It does not matter what side of the political equation you come from, something like that is something we should not be able to condone at all.”

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